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K 2019 Specialist Article No. 1

Recycling – An essential measure for the circular economy Plastic waste covers beaches and rivers or swells from the burst belly of a dead fish – such images are currently being shown around the world. […]

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ZERMA Recycling Machines

ZERMA has traditionally  focused on the development and production of size reduction machinery for the plastics industry. Today, however ZERMA has expanded into related industries including tire recycling, e-waste and wood recycling. Our core strength […]


Virtus Family

Virtus Equipment, a world leader in the manufacturing of recycling size reduction equipment. VIRTUS’s North American operations are centrally located with a 21,000 square foot facility in the Chicago area. The facility stocks various machines […]

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Featured Products

Recycling Extruders

The Alpha series of recycling extruders is based around a revolutionary design dual diameter SST reprocessing screw. The geometry of the screw has been engineered to give high output and minimise process dwell time. The […]