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Virtus Equipment, a world leader in the manufacturing of recycling size reduction equipment. VIRTUS’s North American operations are centrally located with a 21,000 square foot facility in the Chicago area. The facility stocks various machines and aftermarket parts as well as a material testing center. Our test lab is used extensively and found to be a great benefit for companies when making their purchase decisions. By video recording the tests and sending the test material back to the customers, we have found the lab to be an excellent resource.

Our granulator product lines cover a full range of sizes and applications. We start from the slow speed, beside-the-press models of the A Series to the compact soundproofed granulators of the C Series. These machines are commonly used in injection, blow-molding, and extrusion applications. The large H Heavy Duty Granulators are also used in these applications, as well as high throughput operations and demanding post-consumer recycling.

Our second machine category is the VIRTUS Single Shaft Shredders. Again, we are able to cover a wide range of applications. We offer the small L Series for purgings, the G and V Series for general applications, and the X Series to achieve high throughputs.

The VIRTUS product line is the most comprehensive line in the size reduction industry. No competitor has the product breath and quality as VIRTUS in the areas of granulation and shredding.

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