Leistritz Extrusion will host the 2nd Annual Bioplastics Twin Screw Extrusion Workshop June 11-12, 2024 at The Polymers Center in Charlotte, NC.

It’s a workshop, not a conference!  A unique facet of this program is that classroom sessions are supplemented by interactive “hands-on” extrusion demonstrations, as well as screw assembly, equipment cleaning and maintenance procedures.

Day 1- Tuesday, June 11, 2024 – classroom session

A partial list of topics, tailored to processing bioplastics, is as follows:

  • Co-rotating and counterrotating twin screw extrusion technology
  • Techniques for dispersive and/or distributive mixing (with minimization of heat/shear)
  • Sequencing of multi-stage process operations
  • Devolatilization process techniques and practices
  • Scale-up of the twin screw extrusion process
  • Feeders and material handling for pellets, powders and liquids
  • Gear pumps and screen changers
  • Pelletizing: strand cut, water ring, and underwater
  • Direct extrusion for sheet, film, fibers and profiles
  • Reactive processing, Foaming of bioplastics, Coextrusion and lamination
  • Process troubleshooting
  • Twin screw extruder maintenance tips and procedures

In addition to Leistritz Extrusion, speakers from industry and academia will contribute to the program.

Day 2- Wednesday, June 12, 2024 – Hands-on session at The Polymers Center facilities

  • Co-rotating, intermeshing twin screw extruders
  • Devolatilization via extrusion: ambient, vacuum assist, multi-stage venting
  • Feeding of pellets, powders, liquids and fibers
  • Downstream addition of fillers and fibers in the twin screw process section
  • Assembly, disassembly and cleaning twin screw elements
  • Maintenance for screws, shafts and barrels

Cost: $900 prior to May 10th; $980 thereafter; space is limited on a first come basis

For the latest program details see:  https://leistritz.technical-content.com/bioplastics-workshop/

Questions? Contact Gina Maiorelli, Marketing Assistant, ph: 908-685-2333 x610, em: gina@leistritz-extrusion.com

Leistritz Extrusion has manufacturing and process laboratories in Europe, Asia and North America to support twin screw extruder installations with screw diameters from 12 to 260 mm for a myriad extrusion systems that are used in various industries and many diverse applications.