Design, Engineering and Manufacturing of Single Screw Extruders!

Bimetallic feedscrews and barrels. Machinery Equipment sales, new and Used.

Plasticating Components for Injection, Extrusion, Blow Molding: Feed Screws, Barrels, Injection Valves, End Caps, Nozzles, Tie bars, Extruder Gate Clamps, Extruder Dies, Feed Throat Repairs, Injection Quills, Piston Cylinders & More

Battenfeld-Cincinnati USA is part of the battenfeld-cincinnati group of companies which has more than 100 years' expperience in extrusion. The group has production facilities in Germany and Austria (Europe), the USA and China and an extensive worldwide sales and service network. Battenfeld-Cincinnati stands for “leading solutions” in extrusion – innovative, tailor-made and resource-conserving. Three product-oriented divisions (Infrastructure, Construction, Packaging) offer the right choice of machinery and downstream for a wide variety of applications such as pipe, profile, NFC profile, sheet, thermoforming film and sheet, pelletizing and calendar feeding.

Berlyn ECM, Inc.

Berlyn ECM designs and manufactures both standard and custom plastics processing equipment. We offer Extrusion Systems, Extruders, Pelletizers (Lab Strand, Underwater or Hotface), Pelletizing Dies, Air Strippers, Vertical Screw Feed Systems, Screen Changers, Polymer Diverter Valves, Continuous Filters, Water Baths, and Calcinators. We provide new, used, and refurbished equipment and parts and service including preventative maintenance and training programs.

Branson Ultrasonics Corp

Emerson leads the global assembly-technology market offering the advanced portfolio of Branson Ultrasonic plastic joining, metal welding, and precision-cleaning technologies. The breadth of the Branson portfolio includes plastic joining technologies for multiple applications including: ultrasonic welding, laser welding, vibration welding, linear and orbital vibration, hot plate welding, spin welding, infrared and thermal welding. The Branson portfolio allows for a process-neutral approach to application development that insures customers receive the best solution to address product specifications, regulatory and budgetary needs, while providing them with competitive advantages in product design, development, and robust manufacturing solutions for benchtop or automated processes. Part of Emerson since 1984, the Branson brand is now aligned with Automation Solutions, committed to providing customers with solutions to meet today’s challenging marketplace.

Flite Technology Inc

Americans #1 source for Extrusion and Injection Electronic Barrel Bore, Gauges and Flight Micrometers 700” (18mm) to 24” (600mm) IDS, Depths to 40' (12m)

Leistritz manufactures modular, high speed, energy input (HSEI) twin screw extruders. Areas of specialization include compounding, engineering resins, adhesives, reactive extrusion, foaming, and the direct extrusion of sheet, film, fibers, and profiles. Full technical services are available including workshops, and our fully equipped NJ process laboratory.

Md Plastics Incorporated was formed in 1999 with the objective of becoming a leader in the design, engineering, manufacturing and marketing of plasticating components such as; screws, screw tips, barrels, nozzles, end caps/nozzle adapters, and heater-bands. We have developed a number of new products that add value to the science of “Melt Preparation Technology” and coupled with our experience in processing has enabled us to help our customers improve their productivity and save money.


Since 1978, North American Feed Screw has been manufacturing high quality screws and barrels for the plastics, rubber and food industries. North American Feed Screw Ltd. rebuilds and custom-manufactures high quality feed screws and barrels for clients around the world.


Molders rely on Purgex® Purging Compounds to speed up color changes, eliminate contamination, reduce rejects, and decrease downtime – all of which improve their bottom line. Your consultant partner in high performance purging since 1992, Purgex delivers chemical engineering expertise and technical experience, plus the results of our on-site R&D lab testing and customer in-plant trials, to every product we manufacture. Made in America at Neutrex, Inc. from first quality materials sourced in America, there is a Purgex grade perfect for your process – injection molding, blow molding, or extrusion. Hot runners? No problem! All Purgex grades are safe and effective. Click on our product comparison chart online, find your process, resin, and temperature, and see the suggested grade, or call us for a consultation. Request your free sample so you, too, can Minimize Purge Time – Maximize Production Time.

Suppliers of fine extruding components. Design, manufacture and rebuild. Screws and Barrels.

STEER is a leading manufacturer of twin screw extruders for the plastics industry. Steer also supplies elements, barrels & shafts for all makes of twin screw extruders. By operating our own foundry & utilizing state of the art manufacturing systems, STEER provides our customers the highest quality products and the best value in the industry.