Abbeon Cal, the publisher of PlasticWorking catalog and has been providing specialty tools and precision instruments to businesses since 1946. Abbeon is the U.S. supplier of FORSTHOFF Hot Air Tools, Thermocutter Hot Knives, Lufft Temp & Humidity Instruments, and Mure&Peyrot Safety Knives. At our website, you will find a complete selection of plastic working equipment such as extrusion welders, plastic bending machines, butt welders, ultrasonic welders, panel saws, saw blades, drill & router bits, staking machines, sealers, automatic shear cutters, deburring tools, air nippers, static removal systems, manifolds, flow meters, vibration pads, fume hoods, paint pens and much more. In addition to backing our quality products with an Iron-clad Money Back Guarantee, we offer project solutions and outstanding customer service.

Master US Distributor for Drader ™ Plastic Welding Systems – Consulting for Product Design and Assembly: Your #1 Plastic Welding Source. Assembly Unlimited is your source for quick turnarounds ,outstanding customer service, expert consulting, and nationwide shipping through UPS. Let us handle all of your plastic welding needs. We have established strong client relationships due to our affinity for quality and precision. Join our winning team today – give us a call today!

Branson Ultrasonics Corp

Emerson leads the global assembly-technology market offering the advanced portfolio of Branson Ultrasonic plastic joining, metal welding, and precision-cleaning technologies. The breadth of the Branson portfolio includes plastic joining technologies for multiple applications including: ultrasonic welding, laser welding, vibration welding, linear and orbital vibration, hot plate welding, spin welding, infrared and thermal welding. The Branson portfolio allows for a process-neutral approach to application development that insures customers receive the best solution to address product specifications, regulatory and budgetary needs, while providing them with competitive advantages in product design, development, and robust manufacturing solutions for benchtop or automated processes. Part of Emerson since 1984, the Branson brand is now aligned with Automation Solutions, committed to providing customers with solutions to meet today’s challenging marketplace.

Rinco Ultrasonics


RINCO ULTRASONICS is one of the world's leading companies in the fields of ultrasonic welding and ultrasonic cutting. Ultrasonic technology makes it possible to achieve virtually perfect welding and cutting results while also guaranteeing cost-effectiveness and sustainability. The precision of ultrasonic welding and cutting is highly valued across a range of different sectors: the automotive, food processing, medical technology and textile industries all rely on the perfection delivered by ultrasonic technology. Ultrasonic welding is the most efficient way of bonding plastomers in a reliable and permanent manner. It ensures precision and reproducibility when processing the thermoplastics that are to be joined together. Ultrasonic cutting enables efficient and hygienic food processing. The food products do not lose their shape and no residues are left on the blade. Synthetic textiles can be processed quickly with minimal dust. A clean cut is achieved without any fraying, as the ultrasonic technology seals the edges during the cutting process. The use of ultrasound enables clean, economical and sustainable processes which promote cost-effectiveness without impairing the quality of the product. RINCO ULTRASONICS has over 130 employees and representatives in more than 40 countries, all of whom understand the market and the requirements that high-quality plastic products need to fulfil.