ADB is the leader in Hoist Rings and offers other lifting solutions for the manufacturing, construction, concrete, trenching, and precast industries. ADB lifting products are made from high-strength alloy steel. Our ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance Program ensures all processes are controlled and implemented per defined procedures providing the highest level of product quality.

Bimetallic feedscrews and barrels. Machinery Equipment sales, new and Used.

Battenfeld-Cincinnati USA is part of the battenfeld-cincinnati group of companies which has more than 100 years' expperience in extrusion. The group has production facilities in Germany and Austria (Europe), the USA and China and an extensive worldwide sales and service network. Battenfeld-Cincinnati stands for “leading solutions” in extrusion – innovative, tailor-made and resource-conserving. Three product-oriented divisions (Infrastructure, Construction, Packaging) offer the right choice of machinery and downstream for a wide variety of applications such as pipe, profile, NFC profile, sheet, thermoforming film and sheet, pelletizing and calendar feeding.


Tie Bars. Back into Production. 4 Days not 4 weeks! Tie Bars & Nuts. Any Machine – Anywhere in North America


CDS, Inc. is a manufacturer of custom downstream plastic extrusion machines delivering turnkey systems for most polymer or rubber applications including pipes, profiles, tubes, engineered plastics, automotive parts, custom products, and medical devices. Increase your productivity through custom machinery from cooling, sizing, to haul-offs, saws, cutters, combination units as well as collection, texturizing and auxiliary machines. Streamline your engineering for reliability and availability of your operations with CDS machines: Built Without Compromise. Visit

Fluoro-Plastics, Inc. is the oldest granular PTFE processor in North America, established in 1951 and operating continuously since that time. With two factories located in the United States of America, Fluoro-Plastics produces a full line of granular PTFE plate, sheet, film, rod, tube, profiles and filled PTFE shapes. Material thicknesses range from one mil thick to seven inches thick; rod sizes from 1/8 inch diameter up to two inches diameter, and tube sizes from 1/8 by ¼ up to 2-1/2 by 3 inches. Film and sheet (from 1 mil to 0.250 inches thick is available in rolls from 0.500 inches wide to 48 inches wide in requested lengths (60 inches wide on special order). Small cylinders (rod and tube) from three inch diameter to eight inch diameter. Fluoro-Plastics makes glass filled PTFE, carbon filled PTFE, static dissipative PTFE and many other filled PTFE shapes. In addition, virgin PTFE products are FDA compliant and meet USP Class VI and 3-A Sanitary standards. Certificates of Compliance and testing reports are available at additional charge. Fluoro-Plastics also makes bronze filled slideway and guideway sheets for machine wear surfaces such as Bridgeports, milling machines and other equipment requiring wear surfaces. All PTFE products can be etched on one or both sides for bonding to metal and other surfaces; glass filled PTFE sheets in various sizes and thicknesses are commonly used as bearing pads in infrastructure applications.

We have over 35 years of experience in blow molding machines, we are specialists in the reconstruction and modernization of Bekum and Uniloy brands.

Nowadays due to the high costs of new machinery. In Grupo GG, we have found the best solution for your projects.

The solution are the rebuilt blow molding machines with the price of only 30% of a new one.

And not only that, we also offer expert advice and training for the use of this machines.


Jackson Machinery provides new and used blow molding equipment and accessories to the plastics industry. We have production capabilities necessary for the refurbishing of used equipment. The primary focus for refurbishing involved Hayssen blow molding machines but has since grown to include such lines as Bekum, Fischer, Improved and Sterling blow molding equipment.


Heavy Duty Machinery and Components, Saw Bars, Spare Parts, Refurbishing. L-M Equipment Co. Ltd. Is the leading Package Cross Cut System Manufacturer in North America, providing a wide variety of cutting solutions for the industry since 1957.

Resellers of industrial parts & machinery catering to Central and South America.

Knives & screens for all granulators, pelletizers, shredders & pulverizers.


Extrusion and Filtration Products. Screen changers, gear pumps, and process controls for the extrusion, polymer, and recycling industries.


QSI Automation designs and builds custom automation systems, feeding and orienting equipment, and injection molds. We specialize in molding machine rebuild and retrofit, and custom machining services.

R&B Plastics Machinery LLC is a custom manufacturer of blow molders, trimming/deflash systems, and single-screw extruders as well as provider of 24/7 tech service/field support. Modernization/rebuild services available for all makes and models of blow molders and extruders. This includes parison and extrusion controls systems, hydraulics, pneumatics, trimming/deflash systems, and feed screw refurbishing/replacement. Our MAX single-screw extruder (TM) line ranges from 3/4" to 10" diameters, all L/D ratios, with PLC, PC, or discrete controls systems designed to your specifications and brand preferences. Process analysis and trouble-shooting are part of our technical support.

With nearly 70 years of accumulated experience of plastic waste recycling, Rapid Granulator is a world leader in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of granulators and other size-reduction equipment solutions. Present worldwide with manufacturing locations in Sweden, USA, China, and India, Rapid Granulators are built to the highest standards to give our customers the assurance of optimal return on investment, better granule quality, easier access to machine components and a safer working environment.

Manufacturers and distributors of granulators for the plastics and recycling industries.


The RUD Company is a leading manufacturing high-quality chains and chain products for more than 130 years. RUD is ISO9001 certified and is renowned for its expertise in heat treatment methods; RUD specializes in providing highly-engineered solutions with their high-quality steel chains, components, and other material handling products.


STEER is a leading manufacturer of twin screw extruders for the plastics industry. Steer also supplies elements, barrels & shafts for all makes of twin screw extruders. By operating our own foundry & utilizing state of the art manufacturing systems, STEER provides our customers the highest quality products and the best value in the industry.

Thermal Corp manufactures a complete line of HotNoz™ nozzle band heaters, mica band heaters, cartridge heaters, strip heaters, ceramic band heaters, thermocouples, and RTDs.
We also carry accessories such as temperature controllers, high temp connection gear, and temperature sensors.

Carries a full line of temperature controllers to meet your every need. Our philosophy is simple: provide our customers with quality products with low maintenance costs and services at competitive prices in a timely, professional manner. Our goal is to become a valuable resource to our customers. Wesco is committed to earning your business and maintaining an on-going relationship that is customized to meet your individual needs. We want to be your full service supplier of choice and will work hard to make this a reality.

Zenith Cutter

Zenith Cutter sells the best industrial knives in the world for countless MAKE OR BREAK manufacturing applications. In the corrugated and converting industries, our products are used to MAKE items efficiently and effectively. In the plastics, recycling and tree care industries, our tough and reliable products BREAK down material for reuse or repurposing.