HYrobotics Mold Total Solution

Weight detection system & temperature measurement system.

As one of the most innovative market leader, we offer unique solution with full line of robotics systems. Our broad range of robotics line enables us to offer precisely the right solution, even for specialized takes. HYRobotics develop, manufacture robots for plastics injection molding machines since 1988.

HYRobotics full line of products, from 30 tons to 4,000 tons, provides automation simple to complex to customers. From simple sprue and parts removal, to fully integrated factory automation for insert molding, de-gating and stacking. HYRobotics staff are fully trained and knowledgeable about plant automation, and know the value of productivity. HYRobotics is a dedicated robotics manufacturing company with ISO 9001 certified environment for high quality control system and Enterprise Resource Planning System has been applied to maximize customers satisfaction with fast technical support.

Our innovation & consistency will strengthen the value of your productivity in every corner of the world.


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