Knives For Plastics Industry

We offer a wide range of knives, including those for use in all manufactiures of shredders and granulator for the recycling of plastics.

Knives  with best quality, resulting from the precisely controlled heat treatment facilities.

High precision knives made from Tool Steel, High Speed Steel, Powder Sintered Steel as well as Tungsten Carbide tipped.

Precise and sharp edges with tolerances up to 1.5 microns, from modern grinding and sharpening techniques supported by deep cryogenic treatment .

  • Granulator  Rotor knives
  • Granulator Bed Knives
  • Granulator Block Knives
  • Shredder Rotor Knives
  • Shredder Bed Knives



For more information on ordering custom knives and blades from EverSharp Knives, we invite you to submit a request for quote form today.

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