Linkage Sets or our “Swap Out” Program

A Linkage Set project consists of everything between the movable platen and the toggle carrier plate, including crosshead, links, levers, bell cranks, and e-bosses.

  • BMC thoroughly cleans and inspects for damage, wear and cracks.
  • Provide and install new bronze bushings and alloy toggle pins.
  • Hone all bores to master gages. All linkage centers are brought back to OEM specifications.
  • Crosshead is re-qualified and re-bushed.
  • Lubrication is repaired or replaced as needed and all lube holes are cleaned and chased.
  • The linkage is then painted and shipped pursuant to customer specifications.

The “Swap Out” Program provides customers an opportunity to access BMC’s inventory of Linkage Sets. BMC can reduce downtime by beginning the rebuild program using our inventoried Linkage Set – while the customer still runs the machine and verifies dimensions.

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