Hot Runner Systems – NH Series


The gate is actuated by the pressure of the resin in the nozzle
1. When there is no pressure in the gate, the spring exerts pressure on the piston, closing the gate.
2. When resin flows into the gate, the piston slides back, opening the gate.

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Well Balanced Gate for Multi-Cavity Production
Multi-cavity gates open only after the pressure in all nozzles is equal, thus all nozzles open and close simultaneously. This also prevents the nozzles from injecting uneven amounts of resin, insuring continuity in production.

Precision Gate Seal
The precision sealing of the gate, through the use of a powerful spring and piston, eliminates problems normally encountered with stringing or drooling of resin, as well as unwanted vestige.

No Resin Build Up Points
All flow channels in the Plagate nozzle are streamlined in design, insuring complete melting and usage of resin without overheating, scorching, or burning.

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Durable, Long Lasting Nozzle
The clearance between the piston and the front part of the torpedo is very precise, preventing leakage of molten resin. The spring is made of a super, heat-resistant, alloy steel and is very durable. Maintenance repairs, when required, are quick and easy.

Available Gate Diameters
Available gate diameters are:1.2,1.8,2.6,3.0 and5.0mm.

Through the use of a mono flange, the Plagate nozzle can be easily mounted to the mold
A single gate application can be used to manufacture parts ranging from quite small and precise, to parts weighing a few kilograms.

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Heat-expansion may cause the manifold to move, or slide independently of the nozzle, but will not interfere with nozzle operation. Manifolds can be custom made according to the dimensions of the mold.

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