Hydraulic Screen Changer (HSC)

psipolymerThe PSI Hydraulic Screen Changer allows for filtration of most polymers with minimum disruption during a screen change. PSI Hydraulic Screen Changers feature a patented pressure activated seal that not only seals to 10,000 psi, it eliminates degradation and gels caused in other slide plate type screen changers. PSI Hydraulic Screen Changers are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and filter highly sensitive compounds. Unit can be supplied with either one or three heat zones.

Features Include

  • Patented pressure activated seal
  • Seal design eliminates hang-up areas
  • All seal parts – 4140 heat treated steel
  • Breaker plate open area largest in the industry
  • Rugged, tight-fitting, tamper proof guards
  • Industry standard interface connections
  • Slide Plate heater wires flex away from poly
  • One or three zones of temperature control
  • Process temperatures from 100° F – 700° F


  • Patented seal eliminates degradation and gels
  • Seals never need replacing – no maintenance
  • Many parts interchangeable with other makes
  • Guards are truly safe protecting operator from mechanical and burn injury
  • Slide Plate heater design means less maintenance
  • Design meets most applications without costly options
  • Improvements equate to lower installed and operating costs


  • Sheet
  • Coating
  • Pipe and profile
  • Compounding
  • Wire and cable
  • Tubing
  • Lab lines
  • EVA, hot melt adhesive and PSA
  • Pelletizing (strands and underwater)
  • Blown film and cast film
  • Degradable materials


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