Compounding and Pelletizing

AET’s line of heavy duty compounding and pelletizing extruders, available in all standard sizes, can be supplied to a maximum L/D ratio of 50:1. The longer units allow multiple vent ports and/or side feed ports to be incorporated. They are supplied with custom designed “ADVANEX” feed screws incorporating a variety of mixing sections for superior mixing ability. They are also available with vacuum venting, single or twin-screw side feeders to incorporate additives such as wood flour, fiberglass, etc. and a screw (crammer) feeder or ram feeder for hard-to-feed materials like powder, light bulk density, etc. Down stream they can be equipped with a screen changer and pelletizer. AET’s tailored solutions help you meet your goals, on time and on budget.

For compounding highly filled material up to 90%, AET offer line of intensive continuous mixer with hot melt Extruder and pelletizer.


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