Berlyn ECM Extruders

berlynecmBerlyn ECM offers extruders which provide greater stability and longer system life that help our customers maintain a healthy bottom line.

They benefit from the many innovative, customer-focused processes that we incorporate into the manufacturing of each extruder, including:

  • Precision engineering of custom feed screws for a variety of materials, speeds, temperatures and pressures at which an extrusion machine must operate
  • Careful selection of the right gear reducer based on the customer’s specific application
  • Comprehensive design and construction of the barrel and barrel support to ensure long extruder life paired with low maintenance

Our attention to detail and dedication to our customers’ long-term success mean you can rely on these extruders to get the job done, time and time again, for your company.

Click here to review the specs and then submit our contact form to learn how these extrusion machines are the right fit for your operation.


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