Zerma’s Latest Heavy Duty Shredder For Post Consumer Waste

The P-series is our next step in designing special machines for the Post-Consumer Waste and waste-to-energy recycling industries.

These industries have highly contaminated feedstocks which require size reduction at consistent particle size with a high throughput rate along with minimum machine down time.

In the waste-to-energy recycling industry most power plants and cement kilns require a rather fine and homogenous fluff with a constant caloric value. An increasingly common source of energy in this field is MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) as it is low cost and the availability is guaranteed. The downside of MSW is its composition is virtually unknown and constantly changing. To maintain overall profitability, the waste recovery centers must keep investments for sorting and cleaning systems at a minimum. The equipment must be versatile, heavy duty and have minimal down time for maintenance and repair.

As a result of the above, Zerma developed the ZTTS-P series of hybrid shredders which comes standard with built in wear plates made from wear resistant steel. The large rotor can be driven either directly via V-belts or with a gear reducer. The knives, rotor and stator are designed with a rectangular cutting edge to tear the feed material apart improving their lifespan and impact resistance.

To make these knives even more resilient they are available with a Tungsten Carbide insert. The composition and specification of the Tungsten Carbide was developed with the leading suppliers in this field, continuously improved through feedback data from our worldwide customers.

The knives are arranged in a flat cut which ensures complete ingestion and high throughput rates.

The distance to the wear resistant screen is kept to a minimum to achieve the shortest possible resting time of the feedstock within the machine.

To cover different sizes of operations the machines are built in 1500mm, 2000mm and 3000mm width and come with drives up to 400kW.

Optionally they can be equipped with screw force feeders to handle even low bulk density feed at high rates.

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About ZERMA:
With more than 70 years of experience, ZERMA is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality size reduction machinery. Covering a range of granulators, we start from small slow speed granulators to versatile large heavy-duty granulators including small and compact granulators with integrated blower and soundproofing. Adding a complete line of shredders, ZERMA recycling machines range in drive power from 2.2 kW up to 200 kW and cover the whole spectrum of plastics size reduction applications.

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