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VAZ 800 Rotary Shredder

The Vecoplan VAZ 800 Rotary Shredder is designed especially for size reduction of plastics, wood residue, trim blocks, panel scraps, furtniture parts, pallets, dunnage, cardboard and paper, and medical waste. Features Low Speed / High […]

Featured Products

Modular Split-a-Part Shredder

Republic Machine’s Modular Split-A-Part Shredder features our patented Zoidal cutting system and smart chamber design which does not allow film or fiber wrapping on the rotor. This greatly reduces frictional heat, minimizes wear and drastically […]

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Featured Products

Rapid GranuMATIC™

“PolyCUT” cutting technology Energy saving cutting action ‘‘FlexiPUSH’’ – Rapid’s unique pneumatic feeding system Top pusher for lightweight, voluminous goods Low noise level Shredders have historically been designed for multi purpose use, mainly for size […]