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The opportunity and solutions we can offer you are from Gamma Meccanica.

Gamma Meccanica SpA is a 35 year old company with 90+ employees, generating more than 40 million Euro in turnover in 2010. Gamma Meccanica North America – located in Greer, South Carolina, has existed for over 6 years, the new warehouse and office facility is further demonstration of Gamma’s commitment to the North American market. We are a progressive and innovative company offering technically advanced reclaim solutions.

Gamma Meccanica is continuing to improve technology for processing, control and energy consumption. Recent innovations include development of the new “patent pending” ECOTRONIC® control unit employed with our COMPAC® line of reclaim systems. A proven control solution for film, fibers and sheet which saves over 40% energy when compared to older Gamma COMPAC ® systems as well as our competitors units; the TANDEM solution offers important advantages with double filtration for recycling materials with over 100% print coverage, highly contaminated, with over 10% moisture to ensure any remaining gas removal; and the new, larger, and we feel, most robust water ring (hot die face) pelletizer on the market – the TDA 6.0 water ring pelletizer in a compact design for 7” and 8” extrusion lines with a long list of advantages.

The first such recent development is our “patent pending” ECOTRONIC ® control unit employed with our COMPAC ® line of reclaim systems. Our new transmission design with the latest frequency drive technology for rotor control coupled with a specially designed software program enables precision temperature control when operating the unit. Water is no longer used to control temperature. This virtually eliminates melt downs, as the speed of the rotor is variable and controls the temperature.

ECOTRONIC ® control provides for easier operation and more flexibility when feeding different materials with varying densities. We can also now operate effectively at much higher temperatures so we guarantee up to 10% – 15% moisture removal for most applications without adversely affecting throughput and the quality of the granule.

Energy consumption and savings has long been a priority for Gamma Meccanica. Since our inception in 1977 Gamma in its Insulation Division has manufactured systems to make materials that save energy in homes, industrial and commercial buildings and various other applications. We are an environmental company. This is our guiding force behind equipment solutions. So for many years the Plastics Division has been employing special insulating covers on our extrusion lines and developing special controls systems that enable us to save energy when heating and cooling our extruders.

In this vein precision temperature control, easier operation and ability to flash off high %’s of moisture are not the only benefits of the ECOTRONIC ® control system. In a lengthy field study of a Gamma client (see our website for more information) we have proven this control solution saves over 40% energy when compared to older Gamma COMPAC ® systems as well as that of our competitors units. This can equate, depending on the type of material, up to a 15% savings over the entire operation of one of our COMPAC® reclaim systems.

Our ECOTRONIC® control system is available as a retrofit for existing COMPAC ® systems. ECOTRONIC® is now standard with all our COMPAC® reclaim systems and utilized on several units operating in North America with our complete systems as well as retrofits for feeding and adding value and flexibility to existing extruders our clients have on their floor.

TANDEM is another technology that we are developing to work in congress with either one of our superior feeding technologies, i.e. FORCE FEED and COMPAC ®. This technology works with two extruders in “tandem” to one another. L/D, venting and filtration can vary for each extruder depending on the application, but our unique degassing chamber joins both systems. This chamber is specially designed to have the highest exposure for the strands of the melt under vacuum removing the highest % of volatiles from the material. The unit does not need the use of melt pumps due to our efficient feeding systems in comparison with other “cascade” technologies. Our TANDEM system is used for materials with over 100% print coverage, solvent based inks and other volatiles. It yields a higher quality granule in comparison to other units that employ special degassing or filter locations. We also have standard designed segmented screws and barrels that allow for a modular approach to replacing parts that have high wear first and spread wear evenly throughout the system over time and reduce the amount of
maintenance involved for the extruder and filtration systems associated with other systems. Not only is our feeding technology available to retrofit existing extruders and systems, but we can proffer the TANDEM solution as well with either the primary or secondary extruder to couple with an existing line.

NEW Larger Water Ring Pelletizer – TDA 6.0
Not only do we feel we have the most robust water ring (hot die face) pelletizer on the market we have added a new larger size water ring pelletizer in a TDA 6.0, to work with 7” and 8” extrusion lines. This unit has all of our normal advantages associated with our TDA water ring units but is capable of processing a range of 4000-6000 lbs per hour.

More and more we are developing this system as a stand-alone solution for other OEM’s and sell to those who want a compact system, horizontal discharge of the strands to process materials with high MFI and a unit that is built to last for a system in continual contact with water.


  • Better construction with heavy duty solutions
  • Self aligning blade holder for uniform granules and reduction of fines;
  • Water passage and design with inclination of blades allows us to cut materials with higher MFI
  • Spring loaded pressure of the blades against the die to avoid operator intervention and have a
    better performance
  • Easy access to the dryer to clean during maintenance and change of material
  • Easy access to the die
  • Compact design
  • Complete stainless steel construction for entire system

PET, PA and other engineered resin solutions…ongoing development with a win/win

For PET and PA film, fibers and sheet we now have system solutions that yield better results than that of our competitors with our new ECOTRONIC ® control solution. For materials with very high % moisture we yield no IV loss or minimal IV loss by what we perceive is a simpler designed system with less maintenance, yet better results with granules. This becomes the virtual win/win solution for a vendor and client partner.

We will be posting testimonials on our website and newsletter (please visit and sign-up) for our recent PET and PA clients employing this technology. There is a system in South Carolina, United States, available for viewing. Please contact us at anytime!

We are also using this technology and our well established FORCE FEED technology to reprocess various bio-materials such as PLA. Heat sensitive, low bulk density and hygroscopic materials are our specialty now and what drives our innovations.

Continual OEM Partnering Strategy
For technologies we do not manufacture in-house, we partner with the best in their relative markets:
HerboldUSA washing systems, Weima America shredders, Kreyenborg screen changers. An ongoing part of our efforts is in screw design. Now Gamma Meccanica partners with long standing experts in the field for local North American design and production.

Gamma Meccanica thinks outside the box. Let our unique strategy of partnering with the client benefit you. To find out more about how our existing and new technologies can help you turn your waste into profit complete a plastics questionnaire found on the http://www.irecyclingsolutions.com/ Consultancy Page.

Plan early and schedule your visits to see Gamma at the following shows: The Plastics Recycling Conference March 20-21, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia, at the Hyatt Regency; and be our guest with a complimentary Expo Pass. Schedule your NPE 2012 appointment in Orlando, Florida at the Orange County Convention Center with Gamma Meccanica at Booth No.8644 (West Building Hall E) Use this link http://www.npe2012guest.org/?e=47792 to register for NPE 2012 to be held April 1-5.

Receive a free gift when you meet with our team. In the meantime, visit our company websites: www.gamma-meccanica.it and www.irecyclingsolutions.com/gamma.html. Connect with Gamma Meccanica North America on LinkedIn and Like us on Facebook.

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