New Microbe-Fighting Bioprotect Cleaning Program To Participate In NPE2018

William Carteaux, CEO & President of Plastics Industry Association, To Be Advisor of BioProtect & Guest of Honor at Special BioProtect-Hosted NPE Event

Philadelphia, PA – ViaClean Technologies today announced that it will have a booth at the upcoming NPE2018, the world’s leading plastics tradeshow and conference, which will take place May 7-11, 2018 in Orlando, FL. The booth will highlight ViaClean’s new microbe-fighting cleaning solution, BIOPROTECT, and The BIOPROTECT Us System™, a nontoxic solution to industry-wide contamination problems caused by the build-up of biofilms, germs and bacteria. BIOPRORECT offers myriad health benefits to the plastics industry: It can be introduced during the manufacturing process in order to inhibit the growth and contamination of harmful microorganisms on plastics products. It can also be used as a surface protectant on plastics products and work environments to provide safe, persistent and continuous protection from harmful microorganisms, controlling biofilms and other infectious organisms that infest these products and surface areas. The Plastics Industry Association’s President and CEO, William Carteaux, will become an advisor to BIOPROTECT and will be the guest of honor at a special event BIOPROTECT is hosting during NPE next week.

BIOPROTECT inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria, bacteria that cause staining and discoloration, fungi (mold and mildew), and algae. The proprietary solution can be used in a full range of indoor environments and across industries, with a multitude of application options for the plastics industry, to render them safer and healthier, and enabling users to more confidently control contamination without negatively affecting people, the environment and the materials that require treatment.

“The plastics industry stands to benefit from The BIOPROTECT Us System™, which I believe is a game changer in germ control,” said William Carteaux, CEO & President, Plastics Industry Association, and incoming advisor to BIOPROTECT. “With the numerous ways in which this product can be used to treat surfaces and environments, The BIOPROTECT Us System™ is offering our industry a “soup to nuts” cleaning function, enabling every manufacturing phase and aspect of the industry to be safe and protected, making not only our industry, but the population and world, safer and more sustainable.”

“Plastics make up so much of the world, and the use of The BIOPROTECT Us System™ in the plastics manufacturing process will achieve profoundly positive results on a global scale,” said Jim Young, President & CEO, ViaClean Technologies. “We look forward to meeting members of the plastics industry at NPE to discuss this groundbreaking technology and encourage all plastics manufacturers to incorporate our system into their production process.”

The BIOPRTECT antimicrobial products are some of the first water-based, non-allergenic, non-leaching, non-migrating formulas that preserve surfaces from harmful microorganisms for up to 90 days from just one treatment. The BIOPROTECT Us System™ in plastics manufacturing improves the anchoring mechanisms of plastics products so that BIOPROTECT permanently attaches to substrates during the manufacturing process. This chemical technology completely disrupts the present paradigm for controlling biofilms and infectious organisms. The BIOPROTECT Us System™ actually modifies plastics to make them resistant to the attachment and propagation of organisms during manufacturing without adverse effects to humans, materials or the environment.

Plastics are treated with BIOPRTECT during the manufacturing process by the introduction of a patented UV applicator process that produces a durable coating of micro-killing nano-networks, which mechanically kill microbes. This process far exceeds the “kill process” used by competing cleaning techniques on the market, many of which use harsh chemicals, heavy metals and other toxins in an effort to eliminate germs. Upon application, BIOPROTECT forms a protective bond, effectively electrocuting microorganisms in their tracks and thereby continuously preventing their growth and ability to spread.

BIOPROTECT is a water-based, non-allergenic, non-leaching, non-migrating, durable cleaning technology that effectively inhibits the growth of harmful microorganisms upon application. It is a lab- and hospital-tested, family- and pet-friendly, and PhD-researched solution with proven results. Its versatile, industrial product line, manufactured in the United States, is proven to protect against 99.99% of all tested germs, bacteria, mold, fungi and viruses. The solution’s microscopic carbon-chained “rod” pierces invasive microbes to rupture their cell membranes, inhibiting them from growing or mutating, without the use of toxic substances. The BIOPROTECT anti-microbial formula is the foundation of The BIOPROTECT US System™, which also treats surface areas by applying the solution to covalently bond to the area for up to 90 days, making the program one of the most effective and durable cleaning programs available today. The BIOPROTECT US System™ inhibits the growth of microorganisms that cause odor, stains and deterioration as well as protects “Us” from harmful microorganisms and contaminants.

Learn more at The BIOPROTECT Us System™… “The Future of Clean™.”

About ViaClean Technologies
ViaClean Technologies, a company headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, is the holding company of BIOPROTECT and The BIOPROTECT Us System™ and brings innovative, safe, effective, and environmentally-sound solutions to market. Its broad range of products and services control indoor air quality and surfaces and diagnose, control and manage bacterial and microbial contaminants.