Meet the New Generation of Extrusion and Melt Filtration Technology from eFACTOR3 at NPE2018 – Booth: S15059

April 2018 – To mark its 10th anniversary, eFACTOR3, LLC is celebrating its partnership with MAS and introducing a new machine design for its extrusion and melt filtration series to the US market at NPE2018!

Austrian extrusion machinery manufacturer MAS (Maschinen- und Anlagenbau Schulz GmbH) has established itself as a supplier of unconventional yet proven technologies that not only save space and energy, but allow its customers to do things that were previously thought to be impossible in the plastics recycling industry.

Join us in the celebration! Stop by South Hall Booth S15059 and check out three full size machines representing MAS’ latest product developments, including the MAS 75 conical, co-rotating, twin-screw Extruder, MAS CDF continuous melt filtration system and SC 700 Vacuum Oven.

Introducing a NEW DESIGN to the US Market at NPE2018!

The MAS Extruder combines the familiar and superior plasticization and homogenization of a co-rotating parallel twin screw extruder with the specific advantages of the conical screw design; a key element of this integrated recycling and compounding system.

The tapered screws provide a large feed opening, resulting in a large intake volume. From pellets and regrind to low bulk density materials (film and fibers), as well as additives and fillers, this extruder can process a wide range of materials.


• Compact design; Small footprint • Conical, co-rotational twin screw system • Superior homogenization • Large infeed opening • Process low density materials (film, fibers, etc.) • Low melt temperatures • Reduced energy consumption • No side feeders needed • Modular screws and barrel • Stable melt pressure

Introducing a NEW DESIGN to the US Market at NPE2018!

The MAS patented CDF (Continuous Disc Filter) efficiently and continuously removes wood, paper, nonmelting foreign plastics, rubber, aluminum and similar contaminants from the melt stream.

A melt-pressure controlled scraper system removes the contamination from the surface of a rotating screen disc with minimal polymer loss.

Impurities are discharged continuously from the CDF, while the filtrated melt is forwarded to the pelletizing system.

DESIGN FEATURES • A very large active filtration area ensures: – high throughput – low melt pressure – long service life of the filtration disc(s) • Variable speed drive for filter disc(s) and discharge screw(s) • Optimal control of the discharge rate from the CDF • Scraper pressure controlled by melt pressure • Easy maintenance • Stable melt pressure


The SC 700 is a powerful vacuum oven designed for the reliable and gentle removal of thermoplastic contamination from delicate metallic parts such as filtration discs or extruder components.

No cleaning agents required. All contaminants are baked off under vacuum without combustion. This protects the components against local overheating and thus against annealing and mechanical damage.

The SC 700 can be installed in any room with a water supply, water drain and an electrical power supply.

TECHNICAL HIGHLIGHTS •For the removal of all thermoplastics • Fast-acting cleaning process •Simple and safe to operate • NEW extended door allows larger pieces to be cleaned • Maintenance-free operation • Gentle cleaning increases the lifespan of tools, filters, dies, etc. • Kind to the environment as no incineration takes place • Low energy consumption


For more information about MAS and their innovative plastics processing and recycling equipment contact Hartmut Bendfeldt, president of eFACTOR3, at 1.877.801.3232,, and visit

Visit eFACTOR3 and MAS at NPE2018 in Orlando, BOOTH S15059.

Headquartered in the greater Charlotte area in Pineville, North Carolina, eFACTOR3, LLC brings together a keen understanding of environmental, engineering and equipment issues. The company offers a variety of pre-shredding, shredding and granulating equipment, along with conveying and separation equipment, systems integration and installation.

eFACTOR3 also represents MAS and their innovative plastics processing and recycling equipment. Their product portfolio focuses on high quality end-products and energy efficiency. Comprised of 3 main components: Extruders, Continuous Disc Filtration and Dry Cleaning Systems, eFACTOR3 has the tools to meet your processing and production needs.

Whatever you intend to recycle or turn into alternative fuel, eFACTOR3 can provide a custom solution.

For more information, contact Hartmut Bendfeldt at 1.877.801.3232,, and visit