CWBI gears up for NPE2018 Display

New products featured in LIVE demonstrations

C.W. Brabender Instruments, Inc. plans to display and actively demonstrate a wide range of extrusion and mixing products at the 2018 NPE Trade Show, in Booth W1802. This years’ NPE will be held in Orlando Florida at the Orange County Convention Center. Show dates and times are May 7-11 from 9:00am-5:00pm with the show wrapping up at 3:00pm on May 11th.

CWBI’s full 2018 display will include two newly introduced items to the market, the Brabender SpeciMold as well as the Brabender Winder.

The new Brabender SpeciMold (Left) features an In-Line process which accounts for the continuous production of samples without impeding on or imparing the extrusion process. With no second melt history, the specimen will exactly represent the extruded material. The new SpeciMold also bodes a high operating comfort due to the automated process as well as easy to use, optimized software. The SpeciMold features molds, which are easily and quickly exchanged for various tests and is compatible with third-party extruder systems.

The new Brabender Winder (Right) is highlighted by its modular and compact design. The Winder can vary between pinch rolls or belt haul-off and providing supports for various types of coils. The Brabender Winder can be used as a downstream unit in any extrusion line as a takeoff for round strands, tube or hose.

In addition to the new products, CWBI, will feature two (2) live demonstrations thoughout the course of the show. The first active line will compound ABS with a color concentrate and will include the following instruments:

• KETSE 20/40 Twin-Screw Extruder
• Brabender SpeciMold
• Aqua Trough
• Pelletizer

The second active line will extrude a 4 inch wide Poly Propoline flat film and will include the following instruments:

• ATR Torque Rheometer
• ¾“ Single-Screw Extruder
• 4“ Flex-Lip Die
• FSR with camera system

Aside from the active displays, three (3) additional instruments will be on static display in the booth. As previously mentioned, the new Brabender Winder will be among the static display instruments and will be joined by the Brabender Prep Mill as well as the Brabender Meta-Torque Plasti-Corder

The Brabender Laboratoy Electrically Heated Prep-Mill (Left) is a universal, heavy duty machine designed for small-scale milling of elastomeric and thermoplastic materials. The redesigned Two Roll Mill combines the features of precision, reliability, and serviceability into a mobile and compact milling station.

The Brabender Meta-Torque Plasti-Corder (Right) was welcomed at this same show in 2015 and is back with a new look and a slimmer design. The Meta-Torque is ideal for applications which require higher levels of torque and speed. With 16 kW drive power which provides 325 Nm as well as 350 RPM, Meta-Torque can handle any high level tourque application.

Finally, CWBI will feature newly developed products from our Technical Service Department. Service Manager, Stephan Henne, will be on hand to talk in more detail regarding new products such as the newly pakaged calibration kits for our carbon-black testing instruments and spare-parts kits for our instruments.

We invite all in attendance to visit our booth, located in the West Hall at Booth #W1802, to see all that we will be displaying. We have scheduled a Press Conference for Tuesday May 8th at 10:00am in our booth for all registered media members to attend. If you cannot attend the scheduled event, please feel free to contact our Marketing Manager, James LaPenna to arrange a scheduled time to come and have a detailed walk-through of our instruments as well as meeting key CWBI personnel.

CW Brabender Instruments, Inc.