LOG Injection Molding Machines teams up with KEBA for new control platform

LOG Injection Molding Machine is proud to announce that KEBA has been selected as its primary controls platform for the LOG line of injection molding machines.   KEBA customers enjoy the best possible support and assistance. A thorough understanding of the markets, processes and demands right down to the smallest detail forms the basis for a successful and long-lasting partnership.

Thanks to years of experience in controlling injection molding machines, the experts from KEBA have acquired comprehensive knowledge of the industry and technology. Thus, KEBA employees can respond to your requests in all areas quickly and competently and discuss issues with you on an equal footing in the specialist language that you are accustomed to.

From simple, hydraulic injection molding machines to complex multi-component systems – the KEBA specialists will gladly support you with their expert knowledge. The KePlast team is also ready to aid in tasks relating to electrical machine design and process-integrated robotics or in topics concerning safety technology to realize the best possible design for your project.

The KePlast i1000 is the standard platform for LOG 90 to 200 ton machines.  Units larger than 200 tons the KePlast i2000 is the standard platform.

KePlast i1000 Owing to its powerful computer core, the KePlast control system i1000 is real-time-capable, thereby enabling a continuously controlled quality of production.

  •  For hydraulic standard injection molding machines
  •  Ultracompact single-board computer
  •  7″ to 12″ TFT displays • Operation via microswitch keyboard
  •  Closed-loop injection process including  monitoring by means of injection graphic
  •  SPC package (Statistic Process Control)
  •  Expandable via CAN bus • Network-compatible through Ethernet connection

KePlast i2000 The hardware of the i2000 series consists of a high performance single-board computer with scalable performance level. I/O modules or electric drives are connected via the integrated high-speed real-time EtherCAT bus.

  •  For hydraulic, hybrid and all-electric   injection molding machines
  •  Modular hardware based on Intel Atom • High-performance EtherCAT interface
  •  12″ SVGA to 15″ XGA TFT displays in portrait and landscape format
  •  Operation via touchscreen
  •  Seamless integration of the KEBA drive technology incl. application package for all-electric injection molding machines
  • Comprehensive quality data package

For more information on the LOG Injection Molding Machine line and the KEBA controls, please visit our website at www.LOG-IMM.com or call us at 1-847-648-6130.

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