Jade Molds Sponsors SPE Foundation Scholarship

Patrick Smith, president of Jade Molds, announces the sponsorship of a scholarship for US students studying in the plastics field. “We are committed to helping American companies re-shore plastics manufacturing, and to addressing the US skills gap in the industry. Lending financial support to students is one way that we can make a difference.”

Another way that Jade is able to contribute is through volunteer service with the Society of Plastics Engineers Foundation. Jennifer Snodgrass has been appointed to the Scholarship Review Committee. For 25 years, she has been involved with education and various nonprofits that provided support and assistance for students, kindergarten through college. Snodgrass has also been working with Jade to explore options for partnering with colleges, trade groups and other companies, in order to promote plastics careers and education in the United States.

“My personal passion is in helping young people acquire the tools and education to live fulfilling and independent lives. I was incredibly honored to be offered the opportunity to serve on this committee. Committee members must carefully read and evaluate hundreds of pages of student application materials. It is a hard-working and dedicated group of volunteers, devoted to aiding young people and upholding high standards in the industry. I am equally impressed by the talent, intelligence, maturity, and accomplishments of the students!”

Jade Molds builds custom injection molds for all industries including: electronics, medical, automotive, consumer products, caps and closures. Learn more at: www.jademolds.com.

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