Flake Purifier

Multi-sensor Sorting system for Plastics Recycling

Utilizing its modular design base, the FLAKE PURIFIER can combine up to three sensors to detect contaminants. Advanced, third generation sensors are used for metal and color separation, but the FLAKE PURIFIER is also equipped with a highperformance module to recognize other contaminants, including different types of plastic.

This innovative multi-spectrum sensor enables three simultaneous sorting functions. For difficult applications, the FLAKE PURIFIER combines information from each sensor to make highly precise sorting decisions.

Separation by PolymerType

PET flakes can now be separated from PVC flakes and other organic material eg PLA, polyactide acid, (known to dramatically reduce the quality of recycled and even make high quality recycling not viable).


Color Sorting
For basic sorting with distinct color contrast, high resolution greyscale sensors are an affordable solution. However, more demanding sorting, such as the separation of light blue and light green PET fractions, requires the use of real-color sensors, which effectively discriminate between similar colors with only small dissimilarities. To update from greyscale to real-color sensors is easily achieved with minimal modifications to the system.


Metal Detection

Inductive sensors consistently detect metal particles as small as 0.6mm. Advanced microprocessor technology enables the FLAKE PURIFIER to identify the position of metal impurities precisely and effect separation with minimal material losses.


Product Advantages

  • Universal system for plastics recycling
  • Effective contamination detection and separation
  • Guaranteed highest recycled product purity
  • Customer and application specific solutions
  • Modular design facilitates future updates
  • Remote maintenance and automatic monitoring
  • VISUTEC data management system integration



> For further information on our sorting systems for PET-Recycling visit our Microsite www.pet-recycling.com or our corporate Website www.sesotec.com

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