Metal separator for extruders, injection moulding and blow moulding machines

Even small metal particles in molten plastic can cause expensive and time-consuming damage to extruders, injection and blow moulding machinery. As the use of plastic regranulate increases so does the probability of metal contamination, potentially causing blockages in nozzles and filters. However, machine breakdowns, loss of production and delivery delays are not the only consequence; the cost of repairing an extruder spiral or cylinder damaged by just one single larger piece of metal is many times more expensive than the cost of a PROTECTOR-MF system.

In the production of plastics, compounds, composites, etc. the PROTECTOR-MF metal separator ensures product quality. PROTECTOR-MF metal separators increase machine availability and productivity providing a fast return on investment.





Benefits Advantages
  • Detects and removes the smallest magnetic and non-magnetic metal particles from regranulated and virgin material
  • Reduces machine breakdowns and production downtime
  • Provides a rapid return on investment
  • Ensures consistent processing
  • High scanning sensitivity for all metals and highest possible immunity against vibration and electromagnetic interference.
  • Proven separating unit (separating slide) guarantees safe and reliable operation even in applications with high material throughput rates or with a high content of flakes or regrind.
  • Fast-acting separating slide ensures that for initial filling and re-filling processes metal particles in freefalling granulate are safely separated, and the loss of good material is kept to an absolute minimum.
  • Compact design facilitates the mounting of heavy conveying, mixing, and dosing units.
  • Auto-learn function or manual compensation of product effects (no fixed setting).
  • Preset operating parameters provide outstanding ease of operation



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