Quick Mold Change Equipment

Burger & Brown Engineering, Inc. (SMARTFLOW)

Smartflow products are designed and manufactured by Burger & Brown Engineering to help injection molders increase processing efficiency, improve molded part quality and grow profits. Efficiency and part quality improvements are achieved through cooling water efficiency, faster tool change times, and tooling protection from premature mold closure. Cooling water products include: water manifolds, IceCube Mechanical and Tracer series electronic flow meters and flow regulators. SWAP Valve cooling water evacuation, FasTie Quick Ejector Tie-in Systems and Duoflow manifolds help molders change tools faster. Mold Protection devices are: Thinswitch ejector plate switch, Smartlock Slide Retainer and Limit Switch and Versaswitch core pull switch. Scientific Cooling Classes developed by the company educate molders on mold cooling efficiency best practices. Plastics processors save time and money using Smartflow Injection Molding Accessories. Visit our web site for product details and distributor locations.

Plastixs, LLC

Injection molders, extruders, blow molders, and other manufacturers all rely on Plastixs to keep their machines running smoothly in a variety of production and process environments.

As a distributor and manufacturer of high-quality, high-value innovative products for the plastics industry, the Plastixs team understands the needs and challenges that you face. Plastixs clients count on us to increase productivity, eliminate downtime, and prevent small issues from becoming big problems – especially with injection molding, process cooling, and material handling.