New HASCO Flat Ejectors with Two or Four Corner Radii

Flat ejectors are the preferred type of ejector for areas of injection moulds that are critical from the design angle, such as ribs or bars. The new HASCO flat ejectors are noted for their key quality features, which include particularly tight dimensional and shape tolerances. They permit optimum functioning of the mould and the flash-free production of injection mouldings.

To ensure that they can readily reach the corner geometries of wire-eroded holes, the HASCO flat ejectors Z4656/… and Z4655/… have either two or four corner radii over the full length of the ejector blade. The ejectors thus permit a wide range of solutions for the functional demoulding of plastic articles from injection moulds. While the flat ejector Z4655/… has a corner radius of R = 0.2 mm on all four sides, the Z4656/… with only two corner radii is especially suitable for segmented cavities.

HASCO flat ejectors are available ex stock in all sizes and can be mounted straightaway without requiring any adaptations. For a longer service life with elevated wear protection, HASCO offers versions Z4650/… and Z4651/… with a DLC coating.

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