IMS Makes Positive Impact in Mold Cleaning with NEW More Powerful LOW VOC Aerosols

Introducing NEW IMS C-Foam Foaming Citrus Mold Cleaner and New LT-65 Select Low-VOC Mold Cleaner for faster and safer cleaning of injection molds and tooling. Both products are exceptional cleaners, but both are low enough in toxicity to avoid labeling under California’s broad Proposition 65 program. These products provide the user with more choices in a field where cleaning ability and evaporation rate need to be balanced with toxicity, flammability, and environmental impact.

IMS C-Foam Foaming Citrus Mold Cleaner is an aggressive, drip-resistant foaming cleaner. The foam stays in place for minutes – allowing time for the solvents to dissolve the grease or contaminant. The biodegradable, citrus-based foam is low in toxicity and is not flammable as sprayed. C-Foam is expected to find application where cleaning ability, low flammability and low toxicity are valued, and fast evaporation is not required.

IMS LT-65 is a low-VOC spray mold cleaner that offers very good cleaning ability and very fast evaporation with very low toxicity. VOC content is low enough not to trigger VOC reporting – even under California’s rigid standards. LT-65’s will be useful where low toxicity and low VOC content are valued, where cleaning ability and evaporation rate cannot be compromised, and where a flammability hazard can be managed.

For information about the IMS C-FOAMTM and LT-65, Email: or contact IMS Company, 10373 Stafford Rd, Chagrin Falls, OH 44023-5296.
Phone 800-537-5375. Fax 888-288-6900

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