Traveling Arch Saw


Model HMPC-7-24 Traveling Arch Saw

This model of Package Cross Cut Saw offers incredible value, for a stationary turn key system. With a cutting tolerance of +-1/16″ and a beautiful surface finish, even the smallest pallet manufacturer could justify the expense with the tremendous pay back calculation. Huge Labor savings. One person could process a 16′ lift in 10 minutes or less!

This Hydraulically controlled system uses a STEEL arch to guide the 7′ long stellite inlaid saw bar through the package of lumber with amazing ease. Once the operator presses the saw cut lever, the saw will cut through automatically until it reached the bottom, it will then shut the saw motor off and wait to be raised, using the hydraulic cylinder. Another hydraulic valve is used to move the saw carriage to the next cut location. This system also offers a laser light to indicate saw cut position, as well as digital readout system.

Standard Features:

  • Steel Guide Arch, with rigid bottom mounting support
  • 15HP 220/460/575 Volt TEFC Electric Saw Motor
  • 2HP Hydraulic Unit Motor
  • Hydraulic Controls for saw cutting, and cut positioning
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • 7’ DE Stellite inlaid saw bar
  • Automatic saw chain lubrication system
  • Standard .404 Pitch saw chain with 5/16” Kerf
  • Safety sheilds for operator protection
  • All components are high quality, locally available


  • Laser light to indicate saw cut position
  • Electronic digital length measurerment
  • Hydraulic fluid heater
  • Waste conveyor system
  • End plate, to help square package ends


  • 48” High x 52” Wide
  • 18’ Lg. Max. HMPC-7-24
  • 20’ Lg. Max. HMPC-7-26

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