Posi-Melt™ Multipurpose Screw

mdplasticsThe revolutionary Multi-Purpose Posi-Melt™ screw is the Ultimate General Purpose screw for injection molding.  The design is the first advancement to the core geometry of the plasticating screw since the early 1970’s with the advent of the barrier design.  This design is the new GP standard for the Industry.

The Multi-Purpose P.M. screw delivers a more thoroughly melted and homogeneously mixed melt pool than a standard GP design.  By increasing the leads and “stepping “ the root through the metering zone, the design disrupts the laminar flow that occurs with all GP designs.  The end result is material that has a Screw Melt Quality Index™ rating of 4.0, as compared to a 1.0 with the standard GP design.  Better melting and mixing at a cooler processing temperature means higher quality molded parts, greater yields and increased profits.

Features of the Posi-Melt™:
• Meter depths designed for maximum throughput with no raised register.
• Average of 45% more exposure to the barrel wall for more efficient melting.
• Stepped design adds a high degree of mixing to the melt stream.
• SMQI of at least four times better than the Industry Standard GP design.
• Increased leads add a velocity change to the melt stream for added melting and mixing.

Benefits of the Posi-melt™:
• Extended melting length than a standard GP design for a homogenized melt pool.
• More through melting using a low compression design gives the screw more versatility.
• Large leading and trailing flight radii for pressurized flight channels and no material contamination.
• Positive feeding pressure designed to feed even the “hard to feed materials”.
• Consistent recovery times on all screw sizes for precise overall cycle times.

Posi-Melt Technology Data Sheet
Posi-Melt Installation


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