New Clean Water Supply System Prevents Corrosion Damage in High Temperature Water Circulation Systems

X-PURE from Plastixs® is now available to stop scale build-up that causes mold and machinery damage and reduces heat transfer for molders needing to run their molds over 300°F.

Plastixs, LLC a supplier of products that increase productivity and eliminate downtime for plastic injection molders, announces that the X-PURE Water Supply System is now available. By providing clean, distilled water, X-PURE prevents contaminants and scale build-up in high temperature water circulation units and the damage they cause to molds and machinery. X-PURE also helps to maximize heat transfer and productivity for high temperature molding applications.

How X-PURE Works

X-PURE is a compact and automated system that pumps a supply of clean, distilled water to high temperature water circulation units to prevent build-up of contaminants, primarily scale. As temperatures and pressure increases, these contaminants are forced out of water and “plate out” on molds and machinery.

With features that include a 10-gallon stainless steel tank, automatic low water shutdown and an integrated pressure switch, the X-PURE Water Supply System protects against mold and machinery damage and scale. Build-up of as little as 1/6” can equal 3-5” of steel in terms of heat transfer resistance.

The X-PURE system increases productivity and reduces downtime by preventing damage to molds and machinery. Scale build-up can dramatically increase energy costs for pumping and cooling. Scale build-up reduces productivity, increases cycle time and can cause product defects by not allowing full crystallization of high temperature resins.

The Solution

When used as recommended, X-PURE Water Supply System is 100% effective in preventing contaminants from damaging expensive molds and machinery that operate with water at temperatures between 300°F – 450°F.

The technology is the result of collaboration between Plastixs® and an injection molding equipment manufacturer looking for an alternative to the expensive and time-consuming scale removal processes.

“This will prevent the problem in the first place,” said Plastixs owner Mickey Blyskal. “Scale and other contaminants in plant water causes expensive problems for injection molders, including valve deterioration, inefficient heat transfer, equipment damage, and downtime,” he said.

Specific Water Issues & Contaminants Eliminated by X-PURE

Tower Systems

  • Variable water quality
  • Make-up water that brings higher concentration of minerals
  • Water treatment for anti-corrosion and biocides that have maximum operating temperature of 280°F

Chiller Systems

  • High concentration of dissolved solids
  • Glycol thickens and degrades above its maximum operating temperature of 300°F

Tap Water

  • Untreated for equipment protection
  • High concentration of dissolved solids

X-PURE Product Specifications

  • Maximum 10-gallon stainless steel tank with supply pump and connection hoses
  • 8-foot connection hoses with #8 JIC swivels on the supply hose and #6 JIC swivels on the return hose
  • Pump is automatically controlled with an integrated pressure switch to provide pressure required for water unit to start up and run
  • Automatic low water shutdown at 1.5 gallons – indicator lights display
  • Low (1.5 gallons) and High (7.5 gallons) water levels
  • Tank is mounted on a portable cart with locking casters
  • UL-certified control pane
  • 2-year warranty
  • Available for fast delivery today

To learn more about the X-PURE Water Supply System, call our product experts at (888) 792-2223 or visit our website:

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