Leistritz Extrusion to display twin screw extrusion equipment for compounding, reactive extrusion, devolatilization, foaming and direct extrusion @ NPE 2024

A wide range of twin screw extruders and auxiliary equipment will be exhibited by Leistritz Extrusion on booth #W6343 at the National Plastics Exposition (NPE) to be held May 6-10, 2024 in Orlando, FL.   The theme of the Leistritz Extrusion exhibit will be The Race to Success, which is representative of the continued advancements made possible via twin screw extrusion to make better products at a lower cost.  The following equipment will be displayed:

ZSE-60 MAXX co-rotating twin screw extruder– The most popular production compounding twin screw extruder in North America, the ZSE-60 MAXX features a modular design for barrels and screws that are rated for 425 degree C operation.   Auxiliary equipment integrated with the ZSE-60 MAXX includes an LSB-side stuffer for downstream introduction of fillers into the process section and an LSA swing gate strand die with provision for filtration.

ZSE-40 MAXX co-rotating twin screw extruder– Ideal for color concentrates and small lot production, the ZSE-40 MAXX also features a modular design and an LSA swing gate strand die.  An AC water-cooled motor is integrated into the machine design, which operates more quietly than air-cooled motors, and eliminates unwanted air flows in the plant.

ZSE-27 MAXX co-rotating twin screw extruder- The ZSE-27 MAXX is suited for research and full scale production and features a quick-change flangeless barrels design for accelerated barrel reconfiguration, and the gearbox is attached to a dovetail mounting plate that allows the gearbox to be quickly repositioned to facilitate different length/diameter (L/D) ratios testing.  All electricals are integrated into a roll-around stainless-steel base, and an Allen-Bradley PLC/HMI controls architecture will be displayed.

ZSE-18 twin screw extruder-   Ideal for R& D, the ZSE-18 offers a fully segmented design and can operate from ½ to 10+ kgs/hr.  A base mounted LSB side stuffer allows downstream introduction of fillers, fibers and shear sensitive materials into a process melt stream.  A highly customized front-end consisting of a gear pump positive displacement device and candle filtration assembly will be mated to a film die.  All electricals are integrated into a roll-around stainless-steel base, and an Siemens PLC/HMI controls architecture will be introduced @ NPE 2024.

ZSE-12 twin screw extruder-   Exhibited for the 1st time @ NPE, the ZSE-12 is suited for continuous operation and is designed for low rate and small batch processing.   Modular stainless-steel barrels and screws are assembled on splined shafts.  The process section can be configured for liquid injection and multi-stage devolatilization.  The feed section is equipped with a patented micro-plunger feeder, which facilitates processing as little as 50-100 gm batches.

Representatives from Leistritz worldwide will be available to meet at NPE 2024. Leistritz Extrusion USA is responsible for twin screw extruder installations into North America and parts of South America, and is a subsidiary of Leistritz Extrusionstechnik in Nuremberg, Germany.