STEER to demonstrate next generation Omega Fractional Lobe Processor at NPE, USA

BENGALURU, India / April 18, 2018

The next generation Omega Fractional Lobe Processor will be the highlight at the international plastics show NPE (May 7-12, 2018), Orlando, USA, from STEER, creator of materials platform technologies that transform and functionalise materials in the fields of plastics, pharmaceuticals, food & nutraceuticals, biomaterials and biorefining.

OMEGA co-rotating twin-screw extruder has over the years grown in stature due to its control over the amount of work done inside the extruder and its control over residence time. Continuing its thrust on leading technological innovations, STEER OMEGA has incorporated the unique Fractional Lobe Processor (FLP) to significantly enhance mixing and melting capabilities.

Atanu Maity, CEO, STEER, said, “The Fractional Lobe Processor has the ability to work on materials in solid state to achieve intimate interaction between the constituents while imparting physico-chemical changes through reaction, de-volatilization, shear, compression, elongation, surface renewal, distribution, dispersion ‒ either alone with minimal interfering effects from other actions or in any desirable combination of actions.”

Work imparted by the Fractional Lobe provides the required uniformity in a three-dimensional force field eliminating hot zones that could result in material degradation. This can be shown by mathematical models using analytical methods or computational fluid dynamic models based on principles of finite elements method. Fractional Lobe Processor eliminates meta-radial shear, thus achieving stable and improved process control in compounding materials.

Omega extruders with their special FLP processor features, revolutionizes efficiency in handling difficult to process materials and many other applications that need lower residence time and/or tightening of residence time distribution.