Burger & Brown Engineering, Inc. announce that Mr. Corey Brown will become President

Burger & Brown Engineering, Inc. is excited to announce that Mr. Corey Brown will become President starting January 1, 2021.  Corey Brown joined the company in May 2014 as a Project Engineer.  He became the Engineering Manager in 2015 and progressed to Vice President in 2017.  He has become a seasoned leader and works diligently to preserve our historical culture and protect our industry reputation.

Founded in 1978 by Phil Burger, Burger & Brown Engineering, is a manufacturing company in Grandview Missouri offering Engineered Solutions through Precision Machining, Engineering Design and Custom Injection Molding.  Mark Brown joined the company in 1994 and became President and owner in 2005.

Under Mark’s Leadership, Burger & Brown Engineering has grown from 15 to 70 associates and added services such as Injection Molding, Micro-Machining and Swiss Turning.  Burger & Brown Engineering is also known for its well-branded Smartflow® proprietary products. (Smartflow products comprise a line of efficiency and productivity accessories for the injection molding industry with Intellectual Property of fourteen Tradenames and ten Patents.) Smartflow products are auxiliaries that support custom injection molders, including manifolds, flowmeters and ejector tie-in systems with Intellectual Property of fourteen Tradenames and ten Patents.

Mark says, “We are six years into a nine-year transition of leadership and ownership.  Corey has developed nicely and I am excited to see where he will lead the company in the next 20 years.  We have a talented group of people who continue to support our ‘Customer First’ approach, helping us to grow by maximizing opportunities.”

Mark Brown will continue in his current role as CEO.

Burger & Brown Engineering, Inc.

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