Table Top Units – Experience Cutter-Puller Excellence

The Versa Servo Minicutter automates On-Demand cutting of small diameter tubing or profiles. With line speeds up to 120 feet/minute and a cutting rate of 1,000 cuts/minute, it is the fastest table-top cutter available today. It can be used for either off-line or in-line cutting of extruded rubber and plastic products. Capable of holding tight length tolerances up to +/- 0.010” you can ensure quality in every cut. The system allows the operator to select the cut length, line speed, and batch quantity. The machine can be set to automatically stop when the batch set-point is reached.

Versa Machinery cutters are designed to provide many years of reliable cutting performance in a wide variety of applications.  Versa products are assembled by skilled craftsmen, using the highest quality materials, machined to precise standards. Versa engineers can provide recommendations for the best methods to feed, cut and process your materials.


The material to be cut is gripped by a pair of rollers and pushed through closely spaced bushings for precision cutting by a high-speed, razor-sharp knife.  Due to the high blade speed, there is no need to stop-cut-restart the material feed.  This ensures higher productivity and smooth feeding, while delivering a square, clean cut.

The knife is parked 180 degrees rotation from the bushings after each cut, ensuring precise control of cut lengths.

Bushings can be precisely bored for different tubing diameters.  Special bushings can be machined for extruded profiles