LinkedXValve™ Manifold System Ensures Faster and Safer Mold Changes

LinkedXValve from Plastixs® is now available to ensure that your molds are cooled and operating at peak efficiency without setup and operational errors.

Plastixs, LLC a supplier of products that increase productivity and eliminate downtime for plastic injection molders, designed, engineered and manufactures the patented Plastixs LinkedXValve Manifold System that ensures faster, safer mold changes and a reduced footprint, allowing it to be mounted close to the mold for peak efficiency.

How LinkedXValve Works

LinkedXValve is a valve linkage system that allows a single lever to operate a mold cooling circuit’s supply and return valves simultaneously, allowing for faster mold changes and decreased downtime.  LinkedXValve helps to prevent mistakes, leaks, burns, contamination and product defects by turning off cooling circuit valves in pairs.  It also allows operators to easily see whether each valve pair is turned off or on.

The LinkedXValve manifold assembly has a small footprint, allowing it to be installed close to the mold for optimal efficiency.  The valves feature a color-coded cover and are supplied with Supply and Return labels to help with hose organization and mold setup.

On large cooling manifold installations, LinkedXValve ensures that the back row of valves, that are often blocked and hidden by hoses, are shut off simultaneously with the correct valve for that circuit.  This one-lever mechanism is convenient, beneficial and efficient, helping to prevent spills and lost production time.  This is especially important in cleanrooms where, if the wrong hose is disconnected and causes a water leak, contamination occurs and often all production must be quarantined, cleaned or discarded.

LinkedXValve also prevents “no-flow” catastrophes, when the cooling circuit needs to be on, but one of the valves for that circuit is off, which can cause damage to the mold and will potentially cause parts to no longer be in specifications.

Getting Started with LinkedXValve

If you want faster mold changes with fewer chances of error and downtime, LinkedXValve is right for you – find out more by speaking with one of our injection molding and manifold experts.  LinkedXValve is installed in our standard compact stainless steel manifold assemblies, and the SMARTFLOW® 1.0” and 1.5” aluminum manifold assemblies.

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