Faster Cycle Times with Shut-Off Nozzles

herzog0915The pneumatically or hydraulically actuated machine needle shut-off nozzles type HP are used in processing of thermoplastics, principally with low viscosity materials such as: PA, PPS, PE, POM,PP.

In this nozzle’s favour are:
Cycle time reduction, shut-off at the nozzle orifice, withdrawal while dosing.

Finds application in:
Packaging, automobile and leisure industries, medicinal and electronic equipment.

The assembly integrated actuator (pneumatically or hydraulically activated) controls a nozzle-axis positioned needle via a lever mechanism. The melt flow is therefore process dependently separated at the nozzle orifice. The needle mechanism is constructed in such a way, that with over-pressure an automatic opening of the nozzle is ensured.

Modules for filters, mixers and GAIM-applications complete the range of shut-off nozzle products.

• Filamentation
• Air pockets during screw retraction
• Material leakage when dosing with a withdrawn injection unit
• Material leakage while vertically injecting

Applicable for special applications such as:
• Physical foaming
• Pre-compressing the melt
• Hot-runner injection molding (e.g.. containers, pots)

Supported process control:
• Actuator piston position sensors (indicates if nozzle is “open” or “closed”)

Productivity factors:
• Controlled, clean shut-off of the melt stream
• Shorter cycle times – increase in productivity
• Increased process reliability and repeatability
• Usability with increased back pressure – improved homogenization
• Add-on capability (on tool side)

• Filter module
• Mixer
• Process monitoring with piston position sensors on the actuator

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