HiTemp Water & Oil Manifold Assemblies for More Efficient & Safer Molding

Unlike standard manifold assemblies, Plastixs® HiTemp Water Manifold Assemblies are designed for injection molding with high temperature resins.

For many injection molders, finding a safe method of distributing high temperature process water can be challenging. Traditional manifolds are made from steel, aluminum or stainless steel and are only rated for temperatures of either 250°F or 300°F.

Plastixs HiTemp Manifold System brings reliability, durability and flexibility for optimal flow management across a wide range of high temperature operations. From medical to electronics to automotive industries, a high quality, HiTemp Water Manifold Assembly supplies an end-to-end, high temperature solution, connecting both water or oil units to molds for streamlined injection molding.

Designed to Handle Temperatures Up to 600°F

While traditional models can be a safety issue, the HiTemp Manifold Assemblies are built of stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance and durability at temperatures up to 600°F.

The units are configurable, compact, and can mount directly to a water unit or can be remotely connected with a high temperature hose. Ideal for injection molding applications, the assembly has shut-off valves with locking handles. We also provide hoses with insulation sleeves that reduce heat loss. Additional features include:

  • JIC or special quick connects for leak-free operation
  • Operates at 320°F to 450°F for water and up to 600°F
  • Rated working pressure to 350 PSI
  • 4 to 8 ports depending on model, custom sizes available
  • End and center inlet series available
  • Insulated stainless braided fluoropolymer hose or stainless steel hose

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