World-Renowned Autosol® Metal Care Products Now Available Through IMS Company

Layout 1IMS Company becomes a North American distributor of Autosol® metal and mold care products. The Autosol® product line is designed by some of Germany’s finest engineers and distinguishes itself in specificity of polishes and professional quality. These products reduce cleaning time, protect a variety of metals, and allow machine cycles to run more efficiently for longer.

July 20, 2016 IMS Company continues its pursuit of high quality, reliable products by becoming a North American distributor for Autosol®. This three-time gold medal winning company at the International Institute for Quality Selections in Belgium is an excellent addition to IMS Company’s metal care product line for the plastic processing industry.

Whether aluminum, copper, glass, or ferrous metal need to be refurbished, Autosol® has a specific polish available. Plastic build up, dirt, and oxidation can all be resolved with a cloth and small applications of an Autosol® product. These pastes and polishes can easily be rubbed onto various metallic surfaces and then buffed off to leave a gleaming finish. The products’ precise, non-sticking designs simplify and quicken the routine maintenance of all parts in the molding process while leaving behind jaw dropping shine and protection.

Autosol’s® top seller and the best polish on the market, Metal Polish, is accessible through IMS Company. This product is designed for ferrous metal, and its application protects the equipment with a high gloss finish. The Aluminum polish serves an identical purpose, but is designed for application on aluminum. Autosol’s® ammonia-free Liquid Metal Polish cleans and removes corrosion on brass and copper alloys. Even molds that need specialized treatments can be serviced by Autosol’s® Super Fine Metal Polish or Chrome Plated Plastic Finish. Additionally, Autosol® products available through IMS Company can treat glass, stains, and difficult rust.

Since 1929, Autosol® has thrived while exceeding German legal requirements. Simultaneously, the environment has been a concern of the company, and as a result, all Autosol® items are biodegradable. Because of these high standards, Autosol® guarantees all its products. IMS Company firmly believes in the Autosol® lineup and allows unsatisfied buyers to return their purchase for account credit.

About IMS Company
Since 1949, IMS Company has been a diversified supplier of injection molding supplies and innovative industrial products servicing multiple industries. IMS Company is the oldest, most experienced, and trusted source for supplies, parts, equipment, and technical advice, serving the entire plastics processing industry.

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