Turn Your Waste into Profit – Innovative and Flexible Recycling Solutions with Gamma Meccanica and Milacron Plastics Technologies

Efficiency, Reliability and Other Reasons Why the World’s Best Companies Count on Milacron

Manufacturers around the world trust Milacron Plastics Machinery and Aftermarket for the most advanced, efficient and reliable plastics injection molding and extrusion equipment available – backed by the expert service and support needed to ensure long-term success.

Applying deep-rooted industry knowledge built over a century of experience, Milacron designs, builds and delivers high-performance solutions that match each customer’s unique application:

The right machines

The right parts

The right services

The Best Injection and Extrusion Equipment & Services Available
When you turn to Milacron, you’ll appreciate the ease of use our equipment provides, improving productivity and accuracy. You’ll also value our machines’ market-leading energy efficiency – sometimes cutting energy use up to 80%. And perhaps most of all, you’ll enjoy the responsive, local support you get from the only plastics processing equipment maker based here in North America.

With Milacron Aftermarket, we offer a complete inventory of quality parts and expert services in the Americas – machine auditing, rebuilds, technical training and more – to increase efficiency, reduce costs and maximize the performance of your equipment. As a result, you’re guaranteed a highly reliable machine for many years.

And as your needs change, you can continue to count on us because we keep pushing forward, continuously investing in new technologies and R&D to stay ahead of evolving challenges.

Join the successful companies everywhere who rely on Milacron equipment and support to produce dashboards for automobiles, composite decking for homes, sterile supplies for the medical industry and thousands of other products that consumers use every day.

Gamma Meccanica SpA is a 35 year old company with 90+ employees, generating more than 40 million Euros in turnover in 2010. Gamma Meccanica North America – located in Greer, South Carolina, has existed for more than 6 years, the new warehouse and office facility is further demonstration of Gamma’s commitment to the North American market. We are a progressive and innovative company offering technically advanced reclaim extrusion equipment solutions.

Gamma Meccanica is continuing to improve technology for processing, control and energy consumption. Recent innovations include development of the new “patent pending” ECOTRONIC® control unit employed with their COMPAC® line of reclaim systems. A proven control solution for film, fibers and sheet which saves over 40% energy when compared to older Gamma COMPAC ® systems as well as competitors units; the TANDEM solution offers important advantages with double filtration for recycling materials with over 100% print coverage, highly contaminated, with over 10% moisture to ensure any remaining gas removal; and the new, larger, and we feel, most robust water ring (hot die face) pelletizer on the market – the TDA 6.0 water ring pelletizer in a compact design for 7” and 8” extrusion lines with a long list of advantages.

PET, PA and other engineered resin solutions…ongoing development is a win/win
For PET and PA film, fibers and sheet they now have system solutions that yield better results than that of our competitors with our new ECOTRONIC ® control solution. For materials with very high % moisture they yield no IV loss or minimal IV loss by what we perceive is a simpler designed system with less maintenance, yet has better results with granules. This becomes the virtual win/win solution for a vendor and client partner. They are also using this technology and the well-established FORCE FEED technology to reprocess various bio-materials such as PLA. Heat sensitive, low bulk density and hygroscopic materials are our specialty now and what drives our innovations. Gamma Meccanica thinks outside the box. Let our unique strategy of partnering with the client benefit you.

Gamma Meccanica is supplying essential extruder feeding and pelletizing technology for Milacron’s extrusion applications while Milacron would provide valuable expertise, knowledge and equipment for counter rotating twin screw applications, profile and sheet downstream equipment; also Milacron can provide North American supply of single screw extruders, screws and barrels and control systems as needed. This is not only for the North American market but will expand to the world market as more joint projects are realized.

A recent joint project for a combined Gamma Meccanica and Milacron GM 180 (7” PAK extruder) COMPAC reclaim system in the Southeast is evidence of our growing venture displaying European recycling technology combined with domestic manufacturing, supply and support for the domestic-minded client.

Water rings have already been supplied by Gamma to existing Milacron clients; including the largest unit on the market capable of processing 4000 – 6000 lbs/hr, the TDA 6.0 which is on display at the Gamma Meccanica booth West Building, Hall E #8644 during NPE 2012.

A TDA 3.4 water ring unit has been provided by Gamma Meccanica for Milacron’s lab. This unit will also be on display at the Gamma Meccanica booth West Building, Hall E Booth # 8644. The Milacron lab will feature a production grade single screw and counter rotating twin screw extruders that are available to process a variety of today’s polymers. In-house screw design and manufacturing capabilities provides flexibility in providing a screw tailored to meet a specific process requirement. Additional lab capabilities include polymer analysis and auxiliaries to conduct trials on other common extrusion processes.

Plan early and schedule your visits to see Gamma and Milacron at the NPE.

Schedule your NPE 2012 appointment in Orlando, Florida at the Orange County Convention Center with Gamma Meccanica at Booth No.8644 (West Building, Hall E). Use this link http://www.npe2012guest.org/?e=47792 to register for free for NPE 2012 to be held April 1-5. Receive a free gift when you meet the Gamma team. In the meantime, visit the company websites: http://www.gamma-meccanica.it/ and ww.irecyclingsolutions.com/gamma.html. Connect with and Like Gamma Meccanica North America on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Go to http://www.milacron.com/npe/ to learn more about what Milacron will be showing at Booth No. 2803 (West Hall. Use this link http://www.npe2012guest.org/?e=759 to register for a free pass to the NPE 2012 and visit their booth for a chance to win an IPAD.

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