Turbulent Flow Calculator Improvements

Burger & Brown Engineering is pleased to announce enhancements to the on-line Turbulent flow Calculator. http://www.smartflow-usa.com/turbulent-flow-rate-calculator/ This Calculator was created as a reference for Plastics Injection Molders to help determine a target cooling channel flow rate as a starting point for more efficient mold cooling.

New features of the calculator include the availability of elevated water temperatures and ethylene glycol percentage input. By changing the percentage of ethylene glycol content, the Turbulent Flow Calculator demonstrates the dramatic increase in flow rate needed to achieve turbulent flow. This is particularly significant when coolant temperature decreases in combination with an increase in ethylene glycol content.

Given the rapidly growing use of pressurized mold temperature controllers, special attention was focused to add input coolant temperatures up to 650°F/345°C with 0% ethylene glycol. Turbulent Flow Calculations are not available for any coolant containing ethylene glycol with temperatures over 150°F/65°C.

Metric or Imperial units are selectable. The Turbulent Flow Value Curve has been added as a ready reference along with Turbulent Flow Basics. By selecting the “User Guidelines” button, an in depth discussion of the Reynolds Number is displayed.

The Turbulent Flow Calculator is provided as a free on-line service to the Injection Molding Industry as a result of our continued research and development in the area of Scientific Cooling℠ Principles.

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