Smartflow® Tracer® VM Bluetooth Interface

The Tracer VM Bluetooth Interface collects, transmits and saves flow rate and temperature data from up to eight Tracer VM Base flowmeters installed in injection mold cooling circuits. Tracer VM Base Flowmeters purchased separately are connected via cable to the Tracer VM Bluetooth Interface.

The Bluetooth Interface wirelessly transmits flow rate and temperature to display on a mobile device up to 20 meters away. The mobile app displays data from up to 30 interface units at one time. Flow condition data log files can be created using the mobile app and saved onto USB flash drive documenting the mold cooling water conditions.

The Tracer VM Bluetooth Interface also communicates over Ethernet connection with local network. Data Logger PC software displays temperature and flow rate data and facilitates data file storage. While saving data files, PC software enables customizable visual alerts for low or high temperature and flow rate limits. Comma delimited data files are easily read into spreadsheet software for reference or analysis. Data Logger software is included with the Interface.

The Tracer VM Bluetooth Interface housing is a (NEMA 4X compliant) gasketed, water-resistant, plastic enclosure designed to protect internal circuitry from occasional water spray. Ethernet and USB ports are located on the housing. USB port may be used to charge mobile devices or connect USB flash drive for temporary data storage. Operating temperature is 0 to 52°C (32 to 125°F). The unit requires 8 to 28VDC external power supply with Earth Ground. Cord grips are included to maintain water resistance.

Processors can save money with the Tracer VM Bluetooth Interface by installing economical non-display flowmeters in the cooling water line vs. flowmeters that include individual displays. Scientific injection molders use temperature and flow rate data from Tracer VM Base units to confirm cooling water condition requirements, optimize cycle times and cooling water efficiency. Medical molders may also use this data to validate quality or regulatory process requirements.

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