Tederic Showcases Multi-Material, Medical & Biodegradable Applications

Tederic Machinery Co., Ltd. is showcasing three of their core injection molding technologies at K2022.

Machine: NEO·M1120s-e1700c-e1100c
Application: Automotive
Product: High Gloss B Pillar
Material: ABS + PMMA
Cavities: 1+1 x 2
Weight: 220g (ABS-100g – PMMA 120g)
Cycle Time: 85 s
Automation: ABB robot integrated by Tederic Automation Solutions
Technology: SpinSure-H™ multi-material molding with injection compression. CoinSure™ injection-compression molding.

Solution Highlights:
• Molding at reduced pressure, which reduces the internal stresses within optical parts, improves the optical performance and meets the other stringent requirements for optical components, while also reducing energy losses of the mold and machine, lowering manufacturing costs.
• The position and force of each tie bar is independently controlled. During injection-compression molding (Coinsure™), tie bar positional accuracy is as high as ±0.01mm, ensuring perfect dimensional accuracy of the molded parts.
• Products produced by this process have the advantage of being lighter than glass, with a 40% weight reduction; can have a product design, particularly for curved surfaces, that can be more complex than is possible in glass; is much tougher than glass.
• The optical component is integrated during the molding process, which reduces the required investment in machine and mold.

Machine Highlights:
• Modularity & Flexibility: The modular design principle allows the easy addition of further injection units. The controller can manage up to 6 injection units, which can be servo-hydraulic or electric.
• Durability: The SpinSure-H® horizontal turntable is designed using a high-torque tubular structure, which provides superior thermal isolation and reduced maintenance costs.
• Precision & Speed: The SpinSure-H® horizontal turntable rotation is controlled by a braked sero drive and precise 24 bit encoder, providing an angular accuracy of 0.01’. 180 degree rotation time is only 3.6 seconds.

This special Tederic development was the winner of the 2021 Ringier Technology Innovation Award for Plastics Industry – Innovative Product Technology Award, 2020 Zhejiang.

The NEO·Ms is a special multi-material machine equipped with the Spinsure-H™ horizontal rotary table, positioned between the fixed and moving platens, which is used to rotate the center section of a stack mold. The machine has two opposing injection units as standard, the secondary unit riding behind the moving platen.

For applications requiring more than two materials, additional hydraulic or electric injection units can be added as required. The rotary table movement and positioning is independently controlled, allowing for a range of mold designs and complex applications.


Machine: NEO·E208c-e620h
Application: Medical
Product: Pipette Tips 300UL
Material: Medical Grade PP
Cavities: 48
Weight: 0.32g x 48 = 15.36g
Cycle Time: 7 s
Automation: Tederic TLRE-06-900HQ
Technology: Hybrid-electric machine – high cavitation precision molding – high speed injection

Solution Highlights:
• Configured to meet ISO class 8 (10w) clean room production standards.
• High resolution control system is perfect for high precision multi-cavity molds with a product weight repeatability of 0.1%.
• Smart: Intelligent low voltage mold protection self-teach function with 0.3mm sensitivity, and precision screw monitoring system, with ‘power-off’ self-protection.
• Energy Efficient: An advanced energy recovery system reduces energy consumption by 10% when compared to other all-electric machine brands.
• Precise: 24-bit servo encoder control provides a mold opening and closing accuracy of ±0.01mm.

The NEO·Ec is a hybrid-electric machine that features electro-mechanical drives for the clamp, injection and screw rotation, with servo-hydraulic power for the ejector and carriage. This mixture of drive technologies does have some cost benefits, but the primary advantages are that the usual weak points of the all-electric platform – nozzle and ejector force – are remedied by the use of servo-hydraulic mechanism for these functions. In addition, the integrated servo-hydraulic power pack allows the inclusion of hydraulic core pulling.

A range of injection unit solutions are available for the NEO·Ec. In addition to the usual modularity options, each unit is available as a high or standard speed variant.


Machine: NEO·T160-i600
Application: Biodegradable Tableware
Product: PLA Plate
Material: PLA
Cavities: 1
Weight: 158g
Cycle Time: 68 s
Automation: Tederic TLRE-06-800
Technology: Servo-toggle

Solution Highlights:
• Solves the problem of poor heat resistance for PLA materials. High temperature threshold increased to 100°C
• Material can be fully biodegradable and meets all food contact requirements in GB/T. EN. ASTM and FDA standards.

Machine Highlights:
• Stable & Durable: An optimized toggle movement curve and a double linear bearing injection unit design makes the machine more stable, durable and reliable.
• Efficient: The ultra-fast servo system response, with and idle to peak pressure time of 28ms, shortens cycle times and reduces power consumption.
• Energy Saving: The new generation servo power system reduces power consumption by 30% to 80% when compared with traditional hydraulic machines.

Precision: Mold open and close repeatability is ±0.01mm and product weight can be maintained to within 0.3%

The NEO∙T is a series of servo-toggle machines in the range 90 to 500 metric tonnes. This latest generation injection molding machine from the Tederic NEO product family offers an excellent combination of durability, reliability, and accuracy. Using the latest generation of drives, motors, and pump technology, the NEO∙T is the perfect choice for the discerning molder who wants a reliable and repeatable machine that can perform in today’s demanding mold shop environment.