STEERLife launches INTEGRAAL – All-in-one True Continuous processor – at AAPS 2017

Technology to steer a paradigm shift in pharmaceutical processing

BENGALURU, Nov 14, 2017

STEERLife, provider of technology platforms and process solutions for pharmaceutical industry, today announced the commercial availability of INTEGRAAL by running an all-in-one true continuous processor capable of simultaneous and continuous granulation, drying and sizing in one equipment at the AAPS 2017 annual meeting in San Diego, US.  With the adoption of INTEGRAAL, pharmaceutical companies will see reduction in manufacturing time, human intervention, equipment footprint and yield losses.

Using INTEGRAAL, granules can be achieved with residence time of less than 15 seconds, a giant leap over the conventional process, which takes several hours to finish the granulation step that is followed by drying and sizing. It enables the pharmaceutical industry to transform from the traditional manufacturing to advanced manufacturing through improved process dynamics and stability.

STEERLife’s Managing Director & Chief Knowledge Officer, Babu Padmanabhan said, “INTEGRAAL evolved from our labs following extensive R&D work on formulation development of sensitive and difficult to process ingredients. While offering steady state of control, INTEGRAAL eliminates several steps in the conventional process with benefits of consistent quality, easy scalability and manufacturing flexibility”

Using the INTEGRAAL, sized dry porous spheroidal granules can be produced for lab scale (as small as 5 grams in seconds) as well as clinical supplies (several 100 kilograms in a few days) using the same equipment. INTEGRAALs are available in lab and commercial models that can easily scale from 1 kg/h to 100 kg/h and more. It is a fully contained vessel that avoids dust generation and especially suited for potent compounds, cytotoxic substances, steroids & hormones.


About STEERLife

STEERLife is a unique and seamless blend of engineering and pharmaceutical sciences – one that is committed to the design and development of solutions that can transform the way we make and take medicines. STEERLife is a part of the STEER Group committed to the design, creation and implementation of advanced materials platform technologies that effectively transform and functionalise materials in the field of pharmaceuticals, plastics, food & nutraceuticals, biomaterials and biorefining. Operating 5 global offices, 10 satellite offices, 3 Application Development Centers and supported by a talented workforce of over 500 engineers, scientists and technicians, the STEER Group serves over 39 countries across the globe. STEER is driven by innovation and holds 11 patents apart from 25 others that are applied. With a vision to ‘STEER A NEW WORLD’, the group remains focused on the development of advanced platform technologies and processes to improve the quality of life and change the way people live, eat and stay healthy.

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