Polyfil to Offer Kafrit’s Tracer Technology in America

Anti-Counterfeit System for Plastics

Rockaway, NJ, January, 2019.  Polyfil Inc., a member of the Kafrit Group has announced it will be offering the Tracer system in the Americas.   Tracer is a patented, anti-counterfeit system for plastics packaging and other plastic parts developed by Kafrit Industries, Ltd.  The company is forecasting that by 2020, $284 billion dollars will be spent by government and corporations to combat counterfeiting.  Nadav Goldstein, Vice President of Business Development and Innovation for the Kafrit Group expects that the Group’s Tracer technology will play an important role in preventing the sale of imitated consumer goods.

The Tracer Technology involves the use of chemical-based codes or markers and a user-friendly reader.  The chemical-based codes are compounded into masterbatches/concentrates and added to a resin during fabrication into a part or a package.  The markers or codes can be used at low concentrations without affecting product properties.  The technology offers thousands of codes that can be used in the patented system increasing the security of the marked package or part.  In addition, Tracer has the unique ability to provide data embedded or linked to the code like month of production, production location, intended market or country of origin.  Handheld Reader devices that “read” marker type and concentrations in the plastic are personalized so that only clients can authenticate its company’s products making it impossible for counterfeiters to imitate.  A Blockchain system enables secure tracking and tracing throughout the supply chain.

The Tracer technology requires no changes in the production process.  It can be used in injection molding, all extrusion processes, blow molding and compound molding.  It is compatible with all plastic production methods and compatible with various additives and all polymers.  Tracer is also compliant with industry regulations for food contact, REACH and others.

For more information contact:  Polyfil Incorporated • 74 Green Pond Road • P. O. Box 130 • Rockaway, NJ 07866, USA             

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