Plastics Industry Association Releases Updated Customs & Practices Moldmaking Industry Guide

The Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) has released the updated 2023 Customs & Practices of the Moldmaking Industry Guide.

The Guide has been prepared by the Moldmakers Division of Plastics Industry Association, as part of a continuing effort to improve practices benefiting the industry.

The updated guide offers information intended to assist buyers when seeking guidance regarding plastic injection mold procurement, and benefits moldmakers by providing descriptions and terminology to help standardize and streamline the process with customers.

“We’re pleased to release the updated customs and practices guide for the moldmaking industry,” said Whitney Taveras, PLASTICS’ Director of Industry Engagement for the Equipment Division. “This updated guide ensures moldmakers will continue to uphold the highest standards and practices that benefit the entire industry.”

The Guide is complimentary for PLASTICS’ members and can be purchased by non-members.

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