Queretaro, MEXICO: As the automotive market continues with its renewed growth, Papp Plastics and Distributing Ltd. has strengthened its position as a supplier of molded plastic parts, injection molds and assemblies by forming a joint venture with Inplax S.A de C.V. of Querétaro, Mexico.

The new operation Mex-Can Plastics, SAPI de CV is currently under construction with an opening date set for December of 2014. Papp Plastics’ co-owner’s George and Michael Papp along with Inplax owner Iker Forcén have teamed up to support the growing demand for automotive plastic components and molds in Mexico.

The new 60,000 square ft. factory will house a 60 Ton crane, 12 plastic injection molding machines up to 4000 tons, including two shot manufacturing capabilities. Mex-Can Plastics will also have the ability to supply Class A painted interior and exterior parts, injection mold development and try-out services. The Papp Plastics engineering and design team from Windsor, Ontario, Canada will support the new operation in Mexico.

After four years of market research & development Papp Plastics has increased its presence in the Mexican automotive market. With over 10 billion USD in new or added OEM automotive investment in Mexico, the Mex-Can Plastics plant is in a prime position to supply this high growth market.

“Mex-Can Plastics is strongly committed to producing world-class automotive assemblies and is proud to bring this new joint venture facility to Queretaro,” stated the executives for the group. Iker Forcén, George Papp, Michael Papp

About Mex-Can Plastics, SAPI de CV
A new joint venture between Papp Plastics and Distributing Ltd and Inplax.


About Papp Plastics & Distributing Ltd.:
PAPP Plastics & Distributing Ltd. is a Canadian-based plastics parts manufacturer headquartered in Windsor, Ontario. Established in 1991, PAPP Plastics is a tier one and tier two supplier for the world’s major automobile companies.
PAPP Plastics manufactures an assortment of plastic parts/ assemblies and molds for both automotive interiors and exteriors; this includes large painted “Class A” surface parts. Primary manufacturing capabilities include injection and compression molding, as well as secondary assembly operations. Its press tonnage ranges from 300T to 3000T for injection and up to 4000 tons for compression molding.

Tooling Network – [North America and Asia] PAPP Plastics offers a complete tooling and parts package and is experienced in managing an entire project from tool build right into production. Secondary manufacturing services include: chroming, painting, pad printing, laser etching, sonic and vibration welding and heat sealing. Website:


About Inplax S.A de C.V.:
Founded in 1968, INPLAX started production in in México City. The initial core business focused on packaged products. In the past ten years, with rapid expansion, it relocated to Querétaro. Inplax currently has 250 Employees with 20 assembly and 30 injection molding machines, [Current tonnage range: 150-420T]

INPLAX is going through important diversification and growth with additional manufacturing capabilities when it joined forces with PAPP Plastics to supply and support the automotive sector in Mexico with plastic components and molds. Website:

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