Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group Celebrates 180th Year

palmer0516Asheville, NC – May 17, 2016 – Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group, a manufacturer of temperature and pressure measurement instruments for industry is celebrating its 180 th Anniversary this year. Palmer Wahl sells its products into a diverse variety of applications worldwide. Typical implementations are found in industries such as aerospace, food processing, chemical, and Oil & Gas.

Founded as James Foster, Jr. & Company in Cincinnati, OH, what is now Palmer Wahl began in 1836. The company was originally established to manufacture Flue Gas Thermometers for the State of Ohio, to test the safety of kerosene and reduce the likelihood of house fires, saving lives. Later expanding on these humble beginnings, the company developed accurate, reliable products for local industry in Cincinnati, eventually expanding their offering worldwide today.

Family owned and operated, Palmer Wahl has been based from its 50,000 square foot facility on 8 acres in Asheville, NC since 1987. Palmer Wahl is known for its wide variety of temperature technologies available under one roof. “Temperature is one of the most important measurements in every industrial process. It can make the difference between a safe product and a potentially dangerous one. Palmer Wahl has been on the forefront of temperature product development, and our high quality instruments have kept us in business for 180 years” said company President, Stephen J. Santangelo.

From its roots in mercury-in- glass and mechanical temperature measurement, Palmer Wahl has expanded its offerings to include Thermocouple & RTD Sensor Assemblies, Temp-Plate temperature sensitive labels, Heat Spy Thermal Imaging cameras, Fixed Infrared and more.

Santangelo said, “We thank our customers for their support and their business – without which we would never have achieved such longevity. We look forward to continuing our commitment to solving temperature related problems, product quality, and customer service.”

For additional information please contact us at or call 1-800- 421-2853, fax 828-658-0728. Write to Palmer Wahl, 234 Old Weaverville Road, Asheville, NC 28804.

About Palmer Wahl

Palmer Instruments, started as America's first thermometer company in Cincinnati, OH in 1836. Since that time, Palmer has steadily evolved through product development geared exclusively towards industrial process measurement, test and calibration. Wahl Instruments, founded in Culver City, CA in 1953, manufactured precision temperature instruments for industry, and developed the first portable digital platinum-RTD contact thermometer system. Since then, Wahl has introduced many technical innovations in precision portable temperature instruments.

Together Palmer Wahl, with 180 years of continuous product innovation, offers the finest selection of Industrial Instrumentation products in the world, and is uniquely qualified to provide application/technical support, installation, calibration services and product selection from an extensive line of the finest instrumentation products. For more information, visit

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