Metal Separators Guarantee High-Quality Extruded Plastic Foils

About Vinipack

Vinipack S.A. in Bogota, Colombia, produces high-quality plastic foils and cellophane. The foils primarily are made of PVC and PET. Vinipack permanently is searching for possible improvements to reach an even higher rate of customer satisfaction. Quality and quality inspection are of outstanding importance. The objective of Vinipack is to be nationally and internationally recognised as a reliable supplier of high-quality products. From raw materials and from machine wear, metal particles may get into the production processes. For the reliable removal of such metal particles Vinipack uses Sesotec PROTECTOR-MF metal separators for quality assurance.

Through our Socomex distribution partner, who has a long-standing customer relationship with Vinipack, Sesotec supplied metal separators of type PROTECTOR-MF for the inspection and cleaning of PVC powder. Since these metal separators were installed, production at Vinipack has been running without any machine standstills. All the requirements for maximum process reliability and highest quality are fulfilled.


Installed directly between hopper and extruder, the PROTECTOR-MF metal separator removes metallic contaminations (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, etc.) from the PVC powder.

The installation of the metal separator in the material intake of the extruder was no problem at all. The PROTECTOR-MF metal separator was prepared for connection by means of corresponding adaptor plates with mounting holes. With standard settings the systems provide outstanding ease of operation.

The separating unit is sealed to the outside and thus prevents any negative effects on the function of the material conveyor due to extraneous air. The high-speed separation process guarantees that the extruder will not run empty.

One advantage of the fast-acting separating flap is the minimum loss of good material. The contaminated material is deflected in a collecting vessel and is thus available for detailed analyses.

Customer statement

Diego Lopez, production manager, Vinipack S.A., Bogota / Colombia: “It is our obligation to permanently review our processes in order to produce top-quality plastic foils and thus satisfy our customers.

In our experience the metal separators of Sesotec perform excellently. The systems are of high quality and they operate reliably. Sesotec systems are very easy to install. It is not even necessary to stop production for installation.

What is of special importance for us is that the systems are dust-proof. We greatly appreciate the competent service of our local Sesotec agency Socomex”.

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