M.R. Mold Achieves ISO 9001-2015 Accreditation

As part of its continual improvement efforts, M.R. Mold & Engineering is proud to announce their ISO 9001-2015 certification. M.R. Mold & Engineering recently acquired another mold maker’s assets which included an opportunity to support the aerospace and defense industry.  This ISO 9002-2015 certification will open the doors to new opportunities for M.R. Mold & Engineering.

M.R. Mold first opened its doors in 1985 in a 1500 square foot building. Thirty-six years later, the company occupies a state-of-the-art 25,000 square foot facility in Brea, CA. The company has grown over the years and developed into one of the leading LSR mold builders in the USA. Recently adding a metal 3D printer to its operation, M.R. Mold looks to incorporate additive manufacturing into its everyday process.

The M.R. Mold Tech Center evaluates new molds built to ensure they are mechanically sound, make a part to print and are production ready. M.R. Mold also assists customers with short run molding. The Tech Center features six molding machines that range from 55 to 120 tons in size.

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