Leistritz Twin Screw Workshop scheduled for Dec. 2-3, 2015

Since 1990 5000+ have attended Leistritz educational programs!

Leistritz will host its’ annual Twin Screw Extrusion Workshop on December  2nd and 3rd in NJ.   As always, classroom sessions are supplemented by “hands-on” twin screw extrusion operating experience. A partial list of topics is as follows:

  • Co-rotating and counterrotating twin screw extrusion technology
  • High speed, energy input (HSEI) twin screw extruder theory and design
  • Comparison to low speed, late fusion (LSLF) designs
  • Screw design and process techniques
  • Techniques for dispersive and/or distributive mixing
  • Sequencing of multi-stage process operations
  • Devolatilization process techniques and practices
  • Scale-up of the twin screw extrusion process
  • Feeder and materials handling for pellets, powders and liquids
  • Gear pumps and screen changers
  • Pelletizing: strand cut, water ring, and underwater
  • Direct extrusion for sheet, film, fibers and profiles
  • Reactive processing
  • Process troubleshooting
  • Control and monitoring options
  • Screw assembly and disassembly
  • Twin screw extruder maintenance tips and procedures

 “Hands-on” demonstrations at Leistritz NJ process laboratory will include:

  • Co-rotating and counterrotating twin screw extruders
  • Devolatilization via extrusion: ambient, vacuum assist, multi-stage
  • Downstream addition of fillers, fibers and additives
  • Direct sheet/film extrusion with gear pump front-end
  • Foam extrusion via supercritical injection

In addition to Leistritz staff, industry and academia also contribute to the program.  To receive the detailed program agenda contact Sarah Scovens, sscovens@alec-usa.com.
Dates:  December 2-3, 2015

Place: Classroom sessions are held at the Holiday Inn Select in Clinton, NJ.  Equipment demonstrations are at the Leistritz Process Laboratory. Transportation is provided to/from the demonstrations.

Cost:  $780 (includes handout materials, lunches, and dinner on day 1)

To register for this program contact Sarah Scovens at 908/685-2333, X614 or e-mail sscovens@alec-usa.com

To download a registration form for the Twin Screw Workshop…

To download a presentation by Dr. David Todd of the Polymer Processing Institute presented at the 2011 Leistritz Twin Screw Workshop entitled ‘Polymer Devolatilization’…

Editor’s note:  This was the last industry presentation given by Dr. Todd, a world renowned expert and friend to many, shortly before his passing at age 85.  Polymer Processing Institute continues to be very active in supporting industry in the areas of compounding, devolatilization and reactive extrusion.  For additional information see: http://polymers-ppi.com

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