Leistritz to host Pharmaceutical-Nutraceutical Extrusion Seminar on June 12-13,2019

The annual Leistritz Pharmaceutical-Nutraceutical Extrusion Seminar will be held on June 12-13, 2019. This “hands-on” seminar starts with the basics and explains why twin screw extrusion is a preferred manufacturing technology manufacture extrude tubes, films, fibers, filaments and a wide variety of specialty parts and products. Some of the topics will include:

• Twin screw extrusion theory and design
• Downstream systems: pelletizing, tubes, filaments, films, and unique shape extrusion
• Die design, rheological characterization and computer modelling
• Single screw extrusion theory and design
• Upstream equipment designs for feeding, material handling and containment
• Scale-up of the extrusion process- R&D, pilot scale and production
• Cleaning and maintenance of extrusion equipment in a cGMP environment
• Equipment and process validation practices and documentation
• Foaming and co-extrusion

“Hands-on” demonstrations at Leistritz process laboratory will include:

• nano-16 twin screw extrusion system processing 50 gram batch samples
• Film/lamination extrusion system for transdermal and dissolvable film applications
• Foaming of an extrudate via sCO2 injection
• Hot-face die cutting of nutritional products
• 3D filament and tube extrusion
• Screw assembly/disassembly procedures

In addition to Leistritz staff the following outside speakers will contribute:

– Jason Baird, Davis-Standard
– Bob Bessemer, Novatec
– Keith Donahue, Zumbach Electronics
– Sharon Nowak, Coperion K-Tron
– Nicolas Ioannidis, Polymer Processing Institute
– Others to be added

Classroom sessions are at the Holiday Inn Select in Clinton, NJ USA. Extrusion demonstrations will be held at the nearby Leistritz Process Laboratory.

For details see this link: Newsletter/Pharmaceutical-Nutraceutical-Extrusion-Seminar

For more information contact May Zaw at 908/685-2333 x614 or e-mail mzaw@leistritz-extrusion.com